The Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Redline Replicas are making their way to market. They hit France first.

It is always cool to see a market that doesn’t get a ton of attention in the diecast world all of a sudden get that attention.

That has happened with France.  There are a quite a few collectors in France, and I always enjoy hearing from them.  They collect a lot of brands, and they know their stuff.  For some reason they have been shut out of Matchbox for years, but they do get Hot Wheels.

So it was cool to see the new Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Redline line show up at Carrefour, a French supermarket.  Lamley Reader Arthur Douissard found four of the five models released (someone beat him to the Beetle) and was kind enough to share some pics:


The models are simple, just like the models they are paying homage to, and they look great.  They will hit everywhere in time, but it is nice to see a different market get in on the action first.

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  1. These are pretty cool… yes, simple and classic! I love those wheels too and they represent a more ‘modern classic’ which debuted after the original Redline 5 spoke.
    I see the stamped or painted redline which are really not true Redline tires IMO.. the original, authentic Redline was grooved and painted. The good old days which we’ll probably never see again!

  2. Yes, that’s cool, but I’d like to see the Car Culture and Entertainment lines, so I won’t have to pay twice the price to import them from US ebay sellers.

  3. Meh. Have bought past anniversary editions – kinda too nice to open, so I saved them. Not enough value to hang onto hoping they’ll be worth something someday. They will go high for a while as folks clamor to have them to say they do among other collectors. Might be nice to have and open to display. The wheels are like 70s redlines or something right? Not the originals. Nice pieces. Not worht what you;ll have to pay on secondary market unless you live in a commune of collectors and have to be first to say you have them.

    I do have the 8 pack from the 25th anniversary. Unopened. I like the packaging and the cars are all together in one yellowed plastic display. They bring back all the glorious memories of my first hotwheel cars. Not all that valuable other than I like them which is why we should be collecting in the first place. I was led down that “worth something someday” rabbit hole years ago and have a bunch of worthless stuff to prove it! LOL

    I may pick some of these up if I can get them at mainstream outlets. And only one each unless I get one for my buddy. And open them.

  4. I found them at BigW today. Only negative thing is package has hole for peg but, people don’t always take care when they put them up so, easy to damage them. Also, bit expensive for an item with plastic wheels.

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