Matchbox gives us another classic wagon with the new ’64 Ford Fairlane

If this were a few years ago, I would have introduced this post with something about how Matchbox is one of the best at doing wagons.  Classic (Olds Vista Cruiser) to Sport (Audi RS6 Avant), it seemed Matchbox has always been dedicated to keeping cool wagons in the lineup.

Other brands have caught on, and we have seen some wagon gems from other companies, especially Hot Wheels.  I don’t need to mention what those wagons are.

But Matchbox has proven once again that their wagon game is strong, this time with another classic.  It is the 1964 Ford Fairlane, and it is – unsurprisingly – awesome.


This one is special.  One, because wagons are special, especially vintage wagons done well.  And two, because this is based on the Fairlane that Matchbox Designer Abe Lugo owned until recently, when he sold it to Mooneyes.

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So this just happened… sold to @mooneyesusa

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So it’s nice, but it’s more cool.  Cool is better.  Maybe it gets a little Mooneyes outfit later, but it is cool to know that the wagon that inspired this one is sitting in the Mooneyes shop right now.

Look for this in the mainline early summer.


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  1. Nice casting! However, I don’t think I would’ve molded the tailgate as part of the base. Will be in the collection, nonetheless.

  2. Will look great with my 59 Brookwood, 64 Country Squire, and 70 Impala. I little detail painting to make it look more realistic. Can’t wait to find this one.

    1. I would have to assume it is to cut costs by not using as much diecast, as plastic is much cheaper. It doesnt look as good, but it would probably either be the plastic tailgate or a hole in the roof or no interior. A good compromise.

      1. The weight / cost thing crossed my mind as well. I can’t help but wonder – how much weight does that actually save? It’s such a small part of the product.

  3. Far be it from me to carp about diecast wagons (I love them all and will buy this one in every color they make), but Auto World already has done a sublime ’64 Fairlane Country Squire. So why not a ’63? Or a ’65? The duplicity of castings is starting to kill me a little bit. Or maybe MB should just do a Nissan GT-R instead [SARCASM]

  4. I like the choice and the overall execution. I hoping this one has an interior unlike the 59 Chevy wagon though. It’s hard to tell with the lighting in these pictures.

    1. It does. When they skip the interior, they usually black out the windows, and there’s nothing about this casting that would violate the four-part rule.

  5. I’m cautiously optimistic about this one…the choice of vehicle is awesome, and it looks great in pictures but just like other classic American car castings from Mattel, I’m worried about scale. Hopefully it’s not too dinky. The car itself is very cool, and I like the simple deco. Taillight tampo would have been nice, as it would still conform to the two-pass tampo rule, but otherwise I’m looking forward to this.

  6. Wooohoooooooo. Yesssss. These were very popular in the uk and european road network of the past. Wtf another yank tank. Does this brand think outside usa borders. 65years and mattel couldnt even think of giftset for uk and europe. Two storey bus errr double decker bus with some mini coopers. No texas rangers 5 packs priority. Usa usa usa

    1. Look at the recent new model castings for licensed vehicles. Much more Euro and Japan aimed. than US.

      Dodge Ram
      Ford Skyjacker
      Jeep Gladiator
      Chevy Custom Van
      Toyota Tacoma
      Hudson Hornet
      Camaro Convertible
      59 Chevy Wagon

      VW Transporter Crew Cab
      Fiat 500
      Golf Cross Country
      BMW i3
      Nissan Junior
      Volvo V60
      Subaru Police
      Datsun 510
      Nissan Skyline
      Mercedes GWagen 6×6

      Mazda Miata works well for both.

      And of the US models only 3 are cars on the street and 1 doesn’t have an interior. The others also commonly suffer the same no interior fate. All of the Eurocentric models are complete.

      Yes I would have preferred they just added an interior to the existing Chevy wagon. We really don’t need a plethora of old cars in the line up.

      We do need street cars and common ones at that. From all 3 continents.

      It does also seem like the brand’s inspiration doesn’t go further than their driveways and parking lot. Is this like the 5th car form the designer’s sheds? All are fairly well done and it may be a nice perk. But where the heck is my Porsche 356, Targa or current gen 911? How about a performance car that does’t end up as an emergency vehicle? Ahem Corvette, 5 Series, WRX Gallardo, etc.. And I am an emergency collector first.

      1. I have been crying since years for Matchbox do to a supercar that isn’t a police car. Enough of the stupid SUVs and classic cars and shit. As nice as they may be, I am tired of seeing the same kind of castings over and over again. There are a dozen brands out there in this scale and price range that have done a ’67 Camaro, ’71 Skyline or Ford F-150 but how many have done a stock 991 Targa or a McLaren 12C or a Pagani Zonda?

        I had thought they would do the BMW M2, AMG GT, Nissan GT-R or Audi RS6 but they lost all of those to Hot Wheels. I love Matchbox and I’m happy they’re doing more licensed cars again but it pains me to see them choosing more dull cars instead of the exciting ones. With the i8 coming this year, I have hopes that at least next year we see more supercars

  7. Hats off to you chap. Very well written. It’s just in the uk the brand is dying slowly. I’m at one of many people who was brought up with the brand. My children and so on. It’s a lovely brand with great history. It’s not advertised any more. The main source is a supermarket called asda. They don’t re stock up to date. Due to hundreds of mattels fantasy trash clogging the bins.(near the fish section!). I like many others too, want to see brand do well. Uk miss out on alot brand has to offer due to distribution problems. Then again what are matchbox bringing out? . The mattels website sucks. With thanks to lamley and others on this website for keeping me updated.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with you Amc, I’m was also brought up on Matchbox in the 60’s when my mum would buy me and my two brothers a Matchbox car each ( oh why did we throw the boxes away ? ) for two bob each from Woolworths, and I source my Matchbox fix from Asda, and like you the stock is very hit and miss with all the Star Wars shit that nobody buys. I would buy ALL the proper cars that Matchbox brings out if only I could get them, why is Mattel not sorting out their distributor problem ? If you’re in the business of producing a product that has to sell to make you money, then wouldn’t you explore all opportunities to find the markets to sell that product ?
      The Ford estate cars is much better than anything that Hot Wheels brings out, I don’t like decos or larger rear wheels, if I can get it then I’ll buy it…………….but send them over here !

  8. Great casting and it will make a nice pair with the ’59 Chevy wagon. I like the paint and wheels. Headlight and taillight tampos would’ve made it better but it doesn’t desperately need them. The blue windows are unnecessary though. I did not even notice the chrome tailgate until mentioned in the comments.

  9. Keith g. If only the 60s matchbox management were in charge of now. This brand would be delt with now. Instead of clowning about, and getting celebrity status by a design you have just done. Models aimed at minorities, not masses. Happy memories of brand to be had. Rip matchbox UK. 65 years….
    Where’s the gift sets for UK collectors? . Pictures of heritage on the packaging? Hotwheels have a 50 years giftset.

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