Matchbox Sneak Peek: 2018 Texas Rangers, Dirty Mudders, and Transit City 5-packs

In the coming days, there will be a slew of Matchbox previews coming.  5-packs today, many more afterwards, in both video and photo form:

I have a photo preview hitting later today, and tonight I plan on taking photos of almost everything the Matchbox Team sent over to make sure those are ready as well.  So prepare for an orange inundation.  And the cool thing?  You are going to like a whole lot of these models.

So let’s start with 5-packs, with a rare multipack new model debut.  Here are the next three, with one more set to preview.  Enjoy:

3 Replies to “Matchbox Sneak Peek: 2018 Texas Rangers, Dirty Mudders, and Transit City 5-packs”

  1. These are three multi-packs that I will absolutely be picking up. I think I might be most excited for the TX Rangers one, but the other two are great as well. The off-road themed pack is an odd choice for the debut of a decidedly non-offroad vehicle (the Ford Coupe). I do like the casting, but the mismatched wheels front to back are a turn-off. I’m looking forward to seeing where that casting goes in the future. I don’t have the Visitor Center Services Ford Transit from back in the mid 2000s, but the new Transit Connect version of the same deco might mean I’ll have to hit ebay and pick one up.

    Some exciting stuff! I can’t wait to see the fourth multi-pack that was mentioned.

  2. Texas HWP great set but it is what they do best. Would live to see a updated version of the Chevy Tahoe added at some point though. City Transit nice set also. Bad Mudders ok but only looking forward to the 33. Ocean Surf no interest at all for that one.

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