Hot Wheels Entertainment Gas Monkey Garage Corvette & Beatles Yellow Submarine are hitting Walmart

Go for the cupcake frosting, return with a couple of cool models:

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  1. 2018 HW ScreenTime series The Beatles Yellow Submarine has a metal yellow painted base with plastic upper pieces glossy yellow upper body , ivory white conning tower , and matte finish periscopes . small yellow wheels , date stamp is for week K37

  2. The Gas Monkey Corvette is definitely worth the money, the Yellow Submarine definitely not. And I say that as a Beatles fanatic…it’s just not different enough from the mainline release, especially considering the necessary lack of real riders. It feels like a blatant cash-grab on the part of Hot Wheels. The ‘vette is great though, I only wish I had known they were going to do a premium version from the beginning because I wouldn’t have bothered with the mainline. On the other hand, it was only $1, so the more the merrier.

    These one-model batches of Entertainment are a weird thing…I can’t say I’m a fan of this approach because it exacerbates the pegwarming issue.

  3. The GM vette is going to be a hit….as soon as I saw this post I checked eBay and the scalpers are already listing them
    hope this will be easier to find then the 50th Camaros.

  4. update – went to Walmart after the post and found a full peg…took 2 and left the rest for my fellow hunters.Luck got even better and found a newly opened box of Japan M2 ver2.Thank you for this heads up!

    1. None at my local Walmart yet, but I did pick up a full set of the 50th Anniversary ZAMAC set, so it wasn’t a wasted trip at all

  5. It’s about time they produced a premium Gas Monkey ‘Vette! Time to start eradicating the rest of the Retro Entertainment Star Trek models off the shelves for good! … FOR GOOD I SAY!!!

    1. Indeed, as well as the Halo models…I swear the next time I see 15 pegs stuffed full of Halo when I walk into Toys R Us…..oh…wait…

      Too soon?

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