Purging the Hot Wheels Ford Collection, in two parts.

As much as I love JDM, I might have more Hot Wheels Fords than anything.  Mustangs, Ford GT’s, and one of my favorite completist collections, the Gran Torino Sport.

So going through the Fords in my ongoing collection purge took awhile.  So I split the videos into two.  See what stays, and what goes.  Enjoy:

2 Replies to “Purging the Hot Wheels Ford Collection, in two parts.”

  1. Wanna see more of the Custom ’14 Shelby GT500 down the line. Really underrated casting, and the best custom Mustang of the 2005-up generations.

  2. I always thought the silver custom 2014 Mustang from the Entertainment series (representing the Need for Speed) was unfairly overlooked…maybe being in the same batch as the Back to the Future Toyota pickup and the Koenigsegg Agera R contributed to that, but it’s a fabulous model. The mind-blowing thing about that casting is that they went and released it twice in the mainline (once in a 5-pack, once in an all-Ford series) WITH the metal base! Of course those mainlines aren’t nearly as neat, but it’s borderline unbelievable that they’d be willing to go the expense of doing that, especially when they had so many other Mustang castings to choose from.

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