Ranking the Hot Wheels Skylines from 1st to 8th.

This was fun, thanks to an “on-location” setting in Las Vegas with Jay Kho.  We will just say his opinion matters a lot more than mine.

Thanks Jay.

Now you try and rank them.  Good luck.

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  1. 1. Flying Custom Kenmeri
    2. Mainline R30 (red)
    3. Retro Entertainment R34

    Love all the others in no particular order.
    Not a fan of the wagon because of the exaggerated lowrider profile.

  2. Wow what a cool video…struggling to rank the Skylines myself cos haven’t got the wagon (yet) and the rest of them are all pretty great….I agree that the R32 is the weakest by far, but it did come out in 2002…and was a very brave choice at the time…guess my next weakest is the R34, purely because it’s not completely stock, followed by the R33, which is a great casting, absolutely spot-on, but I like the older styles better…the Hako and Kenmeri are tied in third place for me…the Hako is great, but it’s disappointing that the roll cage has vanished out of it…also I don’t think the amazing first edition version can ever be surpassed…the Kenmeri is great too, a wagon version of this gen would be awesome…again,I think the first edition is the best…second has to be the R30, because it’s a great casting, but also massively cool that Hotwheels made such an obscure (in US and Europe) car…first for me (currently) is the Skyline C210, truly a next level casting in terms of detailing and design, from the tiny Nissan badge on the rear to the tissue box on the back seat, hope to see this one again and again…

  3. 8. R32 Hot Wheels gets some credit for trying to start using Japanese models, but this and the Silvia just don’t hold up anymore.
    7. R33 I’ve never been a fan of the NISMO kit. I’d rather have a clean V Spec model.
    6. Hako wagon The proportions are off. It seems too narrow, possibly because it is so low. Too low for sure.
    5. Japan Skyline It’s getting really tough, this one is good, really good, but #5.
    4. Hakosuka I love this casting with the racing deco, but it lacks the punch without.
    3. R30 It seems a bit clunky from certain angles, but I absolutely love it and bought way too many of them.
    2. R33 Absolutely perfect. I’m going to make a terrible financial decision when I see one for sale in Bayside Blue in the near future.
    1. Kenmeri I am not going to let the other paint treatments detract from the perfection of the first release in white. It proved that you cannot make the proportions, look, and visual cues more exact for $1 than that car. It stands as a centerpiece in my collection.This would be the best of them all in ZAMAC which tells me it’s the casting that is #1.

    Love Jay’s Red Panda. It looks exactly how you would visualize one if someone mentioned an R30.

  4. 1. Hakosuka(kaido racer)… this car got me into hot wheels as an adult so its my #1 of any hot wheels my dream car in this configuration
    2. C210… I just really love classic Nissans
    2. Kenmeri… would love to see a metal base and fender mirrors
    4. R30… would be higher but the gap between the base and body really bothers me
    5. R34(retro entertainment)… really great casting and it’s an R34 so yeah
    6. Wagon… love the wagon but something is just a bit off
    7. R33… just kinda plain
    8. R32… absolutely hate this R32 casting really really looking forward to the 2019 R32

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