The Hot Wheels Purge continues. F is for Ferrari.

D had Datsun, but F is even more loaded.  Ferrari and Ford, with Fiat sandwiched between.  I’ll get to Ford in a bit, but for now, Ferrari.

A few have expressed some surprise at what I have in my Ferrari collection.  The Hot Wheels/Ferrari heritage is rich, but for what I like, there are only a few.  I have a few Ferraris still on my want list, but not many.  I am actually pretty happy with what I have.

What Ferraris should I add?  I’ve already taken out quite a few.

2 Replies to “The Hot Wheels Purge continues. F is for Ferrari.”

  1. I know of quite a few Ferraris to add: F1 Sharknose, F40, F50, 456M, 550 Maranello, 330P, F355 (Spyder & Coiupe), 348, 512…..did I leave any out?

  2. How about the Ferrari Testarossa or F512M? Also the P4. You should definitely consider adding those to your collection.

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