Hot Wheels Honda 70 Set: Preview for US collectors, showcase for worldwide collectors.

Collectors in Canada, Australia, and elsewhere have already been enjoying the Hot Wheels Honda 70 set for awhile now.  Enough to figure out there is a nice wheel variation on one of the Civics.

We collectors in the US have to wait until summer to enjoy the set, when it hits Walmart. For now, thanks to a trade with a friend in Canada, here is a look:

4 Replies to “Hot Wheels Honda 70 Set: Preview for US collectors, showcase for worldwide collectors.”

  1. I think I’ll probably pick up the Odyssey, the EF, the CR-X and the S2000, and perhaps the older Civic Si. Pass on the rest…I don’t really do motorcycles, the newer of the Civic Si models is absolute garbage, and the “Racer” really isn’t my thing. The first four I mentioned really look sharp though. Looking forward to them.

  2. Neat set, thank you for the preview. I’ve wondered: what’s the story behind the mid-engined CRX? I have a few releases (incl the Modern Classic), and you can see the engine under the rear window. No stock version?

  3. I’m a huge Honda fan, so this one-make focused set is something I will be greatly looking forward to. The S2000 is absolutely gorgeous and I have always loved that casting for being so well proportioned. The next best here may actually be the Odyssey, due to its clean deco. Although I love the Civic EF casting, I really hate the unnecessary graphics applied here. This could have looked stellar in just clean yellow paint! The orange Civic Si coupe looks just OK on second glance, but the blue Si Coupe looks horrible. The proportions make it looked “tooned”. I doubt we’ll ever get them, but I sure would like to see both of these Civic Coupes as well as the CR-X resculpted in less of a “tuner” state of dress. The Monkey and Honda Racer are both “meh” to me, but I can appreciate that they at least did up the Racer in classic white & red Honda racing livery.

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