Hot Wheels needs a proper A) S15 or B) S14? The answer is C) All of the Above

Let’s talk about the word “copious”.  It has a general meaning (“abundant”), but it seems to only be used in very specific situations.  I say “copious”, you say:


Right?  People take copious notes.  We could use copious in many ways, but in general, we use it in describing the someone’s proficiency in note-taking.  Where am I going with this?

Well, the word “proper” has been pegged in much the same way among Hot Wheels nerds.  At least JDM Hot Wheels nerds.  I say “proper”, you say:


Right.  Hot Wheels needs a proper Nissan S15 Silvia.  It’s been said a billion times.  I’ve heard it a billion times.  I’ve said it many of those times.  And there is a second part of that phrase.

Speak with me, as you’ve said it before:

“Hot Wheels needs a proper S15, the current one sucks.  And while they’re at it, they need to do a kouki.”

You’ve said it, right?  Well, retrain your tongue, because you don’t need to say it anymore:

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That’s a proper S15.  Behind, waiting for its full debut, is the S14a, or kouki.  And yeah, it’s proper too.  And word is there are big plans for these.

Let’s think through the next “proper” we need.  As we do, I promise to take copious notes.

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  1. An EK Honda Civic. There is such a shortage on what is possibly the best looking civic ever made…ok Im biased ’caused I had one. But, aside from the most recent release from Tomica and a much older release by Revell, there is an extremely large shortage of the EK model.

    My runner up model is the Caddillac CTS-V. We need an update V. It is such an amazing car, an American Luxury Muscle Sedan. We need more, and let’s not forget the V wagon version either.

    1. Hot Wheels has an EK/6th gen. The USDM Si/CanDM SiR coupe. An EG6 is needed before they do a second 6th gen.

      1. The couple would be the EM. EK being the hatchback. Even still an EG would be nice as well.

  2. We need some “proper” Evos as well. There is the Evo VII, which hasn’t been used since long and the Evo X, which is used too much but the casting isn’t that nice. Its time we saw some proper stock Evos like the III, IV, VI TME, IX and everything in between. They could do a full Car Culture set (two in fact) or a 10 car manufacturer set and people will buy it.

    Another “proper” car we need to see is a Porsche 911 that isn’t a GT2/GT3/RS/Turbo/whatever-racecar-they-made because I don’t know if Hot Wheels knows this but Porsche does make 911 models other than these. And speaking of Porsche, I demand that Matchbox makes a standard 911 too (last one they made was the 996 cabriolet way back in 1999). How about they make a 993 Carrera or the new 991 Targa? Matchbox, are you listening?

    Coming back to the Silvias, I am nothing but very excited! I’ve secretly wanted them to make both and its a wish come true. I have a feeling that these are going to be in a 90s Nissan sports cars set in Car Culture. Can’t wait to see them in their final form.

    1. I agree with you on the Porsche 911, we have just had 3 good releases of the 911 two in Car Culture and the Magnus Walker version, why not do it in 1970s colours like orange or primrose yellow as a standard car ?

      1. +1 for the 911. I’ve been wondering how HW is going to release the 1971 911 in the future, seeing as how the plastic base forms part of the paint job of the car…

  3. Whilst on the subject of “proper”, just get Mattel to do proper sized wheels on the rear of the cars instead of the stupid unrealistic monstrosities that adorn some lovely castings but spoil the overall look of the car.

  4. A couple of JDMs that I didn’t know I needed, but now must have! 🙂

    I honestly had to look up S14 and S15 because I had no idea what you were talking about in your lead in. From the small photo on the main page I didn’t know if I was looking at a Supra, 6-Series BMW or a late model Monte Carlo. LOL!

    Yes, we need a proper Silvia. I didn’t even think Hot Wheels had made one. I looked it up and it is horrendous! Is that thing “tooned”? The sleek and rounded ’94 S14 (a.k.a. Nissan 240SX in the U.S.) was very popular in Southern California in its day. But I’m guessing we’ll be getting the more angular facelifted later model. Sadly, the S15 never came to the U.S. This was no doubt due to America’s growing love affair with SUVs and coinciding abandonment of sporty coupes. I’ve seen pictures of the S15 Silvia, but that would explain why I didn’t instantly recognize it in Hot Wheels prototype form.

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