I don’t know what to think about the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. I do know I am going to collect the Matchbox version.

When the Matchbox E Assortment appears later this spring, there will be a few models to talk about.  The Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe will certainly be one of them.


There are a million angles to take on this model.  The first is the actual car.  Honestly, I’m a little meh.  I see where Mercedes is going with this one, and I get it, but meh.  I think I would just get a sporty MB sedan instead.  But it is a car leading an automotive trend, so…

…it makes sense that Matchbox would make one.  And that leads to another angle.  I LOVE that they made this one.  The Mattel – Mercedes relationship is budding again, and the fruits are here.  The 6×6 and a couple of Jurassic models from Matchbox, some offerings from Hot Wheels, and the result is – I hope – happy collectors.  The GLE is a great car for Matchbox to make.  They should always make replicas of models we see on the road, from utility to sports cars, and everything in between.  This is definitely an “in between” model.  So it is perfect to make.

And whether or not I like the car, that really doesn’t matter.  For Matchbox it should be about the quality and accuracy of the casting, even as a $1 model.  And judging it from that perspective, it is fantastic.  And most surely a model for the collection.


The model looks great.  I love the mesh grill on the front, and as is the standard with the Thailand plant, the crisp graphics.  It is a little on the small side, but that has become the standard now, so I have to live with that.  Scale aside, I have no complaints.  The car is crisp.

And that makes it hard to not collect, especially as a Matchbox junkie.  Models like this one are why I like collecting Matchbox.  It is good to see them coming more and more.


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  1. Being one of my most anticipated models, I’m definitely in the minority here when I say I’m a little bit disappointed by this casting. Its too narrow. The real GLE Coupé is a pretty wide car. It is wider than it is high. And I just don’t see it on this Matchbox. The rest of the casting is spot on, the wheels are perfect and the details are all there but the narrowness just makes it look squashed. And the dull grey colour isn’t doing anything to help either, it should’ve been white or black (I know I’m nitpicking but I can’t help it). But I’m going to get one anyway because I’m glad Matchbox made it.

    1. I didn’t pick up on the narrowness from the photos, but it definitely appears to be short and squashed (in length not height). An “interesting” car/SUV in real life, so I’m glad to see Matchbox tackle this one. As you said, I think the metallic gray isn’t doing this model any favors. I would loved to have seen it in metallic white.

  2. It’s precisely in its accuracy that I hate it. You basically just made the car more punchable and squishable. Eurgh, hard pass.

  3. I will wait to see this in person before passing judgement. To me on the 3/4 views it appears too squat or short.

    In regards to all the comments on it being too narrow. Often when items are reduced in scale the proportions can look off. This is one reason you will find the older MB models are wider than they are supposed to be. This is to give it a better visual rather than actual proportions.

    Also this is not a Mercedes model I would have chosen for the line. A lot more I prefer out there. I am not a fan of the 4 door hatched SUV. This is just another in a line of me too cars. I would have liked a new SL, GLS or GLE if they went suv route. Or if it had to stay small a C Class sedan.

  4. i just wish you would take picture without the need to have acres of space around them, make the pictures of the car the main point, not the blank space around it, then we can get a better view of the car.

  5. I think it looks ok, you’re lucky in the US that you can purchase these for $1, here in the UK they cost £1.97 which is about $2.50, or more if you have to buy them on eBay or at a toy fair. By the way John, it’s GRILLE not grill.

  6. The proportions do look a little wonky, but this is still something I’ll definitely collect. It’s nice to see some precise tampo-work for once.

  7. I don’t understand why people (including Lamley) complain so much about proportion accuracy on a $1 toy. Makes sense if you are talking about a scaled model such as Auto-art. This is not a scaled model if I’m not wrong. This is “artistic representation” of Matchbox. You like it – you buy it. You don’t like it – just forget about it. Why keep complaining about the proportions?

    The brand is at last turning towards the right direction of churning out some licensed models – moving away from generics. At the least, you could avoid passing negative comments and discourage the team. IMHO, this looks fantastic.

    1. Artistic representation and scale model are not mutually exclusive. Matchbox models used to have their scale cast into the base.

  8. Not being much a fan of SUVs, I actually get a kick out of these SUVs that are trying to be sporty coupes, in a strange way. I really love the BMW X6 and X6 M. How about Matchbox or better yet, Hot Wheels tackle that one?

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