Here is something you don’t see every day.

I’ll let my friend Mike tell the story in his Instagram post.  Very cool – but disappointing – sight.


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  1. Good God man!!! 500??!! Not one Skyline??!! Oh well.. time to check other stores!
    I’ll take one or two Hondas and maybe the Ford..

  2. the dark side of collectors revealed….
    don’t think it is a good habit to do that…..
    you are killing the other collectors’ motivation to collect the whole set in a reasonable price……
    just go to hell along with the 500 skylines you just bought….. lol

    1. Agreed. I’m tired of the BS when it comes to HW greed like this.

      I have decided that if I find these cars, great.

      If I don’t, that’s fine, too.

      My focus now is on Tomica and Auto World, where I get the realism of great model cars, and avoid the childishness and greed that infests the HW world.

      Just because we discovered little toy cars when we were children doesn’t mean we should still be acting like children–selfish children at that–now that we are, supposedly, grownups.

      Keep yer damn cars, scalpers.

      And for you idiots who overpay scalpers to get these cars…where are your brains???


      1. Unfortunately for overseas collectors like me, very few of these limited sets reach our shores and so Ebay is the only way to acquire these and thus satisfy the scalpers. Seeing pics like those above is another world to me.

  3. Glad I ordered a case, if it doesn’t get cancelled on me again!

    Waiting for them to show up on the pegs is an exercise in futility!

  4. Somebody is having too much money and too much free time to buy so many Skyline wagons, and that too at the new increased price.

  5. Yeah this is disappointing. I mean, on one hand I’d be happy to stumble across this scene and grab the other models, but it’d be very frustrating to find no Skylines. The popularity of Car Culture is a double-edged sword…it’s great for the brand and (sometimes) for collectors, but it causes all kinds of logistical headaches, because of an unsavory subset of collectors and because of stores’ uncertainty over how to handle the demand.

    I’m well aware that this will not and probably could not ever happen, but it would be interesting if instead of putting two of each model in each case, they put three of the one or two most popular castings in, and dropped a couple of the less popular models down to just one per case. Perhaps with three Skylines but only one Sunagon per case, more of us would have a chance at finding what we want. I can’t help but think that maybe this would at least partially mitigate the mad rush of scalpers to snatch up everything they can find of the perceived money-making models.

  6. I hope whomever bought all those Skylines is extremely pleased with himself and it takes his mind off the fact that he has a tiny penis, has never had a girlfriend, and still lives at home with his mum !

  7. I know for a fact the scalpers in my area will buy up all the Skylines – especially the one dude who looks like a mountain moonshiner and rides around in a beatup Ford Escort wagon with the words “I Buy Hot Wheels” plastered on the back window. I may as well settle for the Honda vans; that was the only model I’m really interested in.

  8. While I’ve never actually run into one of the scalpers in my area, I know they exist. I always hold my breath when I see a new series hanging on the pegs at one of my local retailers since more often than not, the most desirable car is gone. I almost consider it a freakish event if I do find the car everyone wants.

    I certainly have to question the retailers’ solution to all of the asks for sealed cases but what’s really sad are the people requesting the cases who then turn around and peddle them on eBay for a profit. Pathetic.

  9. Interesting! The perfect storm here…one of the most anticipated HW releases…incredible distribution issues, and scalpers. I’m not surprised at all. I’m not sure why Hot Wheels can’t keep pumping these out and oversaturate the scalpers. They will be bought.

    In any case, I’ve been having fun with mainlines, ignoring car culture at the inflated prices and so far its much less dramatic:)

  10. I’m trying to remember the last time I saw any Car Culture at my area Walmarts. Maybe it was Redliners over a year ago. Walmart keeps the pegs there, it’s just there is never anything on them but dust. I’ve had better luck at Target, but have not seen any of the Cargo Haulers yet.

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