Lamley only hypes Gassers, so here is the Mercury Comet Cyclone from the RLC set

I’ve decided to move from only hyping JDM to only hyping Gassers.  At least for this minute.  Don’t expect anything but Gassers here on Lamley from here on out.  Until the next post, but still.  Lamley only hypes Gassers.  They knock my socks off.

And since I do, you can imagine how excited I was to learn that the ’65 Mercury Comet Cyclone makes its triumphant return as part of the RLC Car Culture bundle.  It was a supercool model in the Garage series, a little boring in Cool Classics, and gorgeous in the RLC, and then gone.  But now it is back.


There was talk last year of Gasser hype.  It’s not hype, it’s the models.  They are fantastic, and the family of Gassers and A/FX cars coming from Hot Wheels is quality.  The Candy Striper started it, and caused a whole bunch of collectors to start looking at these models a little differently.  A pet peeve of mine is hearing collectors criticize others who “don’t understand” something.  In other words, just because someone knew what a Laurel was before Hot Wheels made one doesn’t make them somehow entitled to the releases over those that didn’t.  We all had to learn about the Laurel at some point, so it might as be with a Hot Wheels release.  Someone who has never been to the dragstrip has every right to love Hot Wheels’ Gassers.

One of the greatest side effects of collecting is the increase in car curiosity we all acquire as we collect.  That applies here.  HW Designer Brendon Vetuskey, a true gearhead, lead the charge, and created the ’55, and here we are.  Most of us can’t get enough of them.  Same with Jun, Ryu and others with JDM.  However it happened, it is awesome to see the excitement.  It is fun to try and predict the next surge.  I predict 80’s clunkers.  (No I don’t, but let’s let that rumor run.)

Lamley only hypes Chrysler LeBarons!

Back to the Mercury.  This will be the first look for many, and my guess is it will be a hit.  I hope we see it again soon.  I am guessing we will.  With all the Lamley Hype and all.


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  1. Not sure the 55 Gasser started it. Hot Wheels by default has been part of the Hot Rodding Car Culture since its inception. The late 1960s was hot with custom cars that set boulavards on fire with illicit drag races to the sanctioned strips where massive big blocks thundered Chevys, Fords and MOPARs down the quarter mile. Custom cars were a major part of this and Hot Wheels manufactured their toys with this in mind. Spectra Flame ™ paint and chrome engines, little tires in front and massive ones in back.. The earliest actual nod to the strip was the Snake and Mongoose. Hot Wheels Historian Mike Zarnok campaigned a Altered Roadster that Mattel famously gave tribute to.
    The gasser styled cars first saw light of day in the Drag Strip Demons series several years back. This series also held the top fuel funny cars and rail drag cars.
    Sadly these didnt fair well as I nearly completed my collection of these expertly designed cars through the discount chain Big Lots where unsold product goes to die. I paid $1 each for these cars that had metal chassis and real rider tires. This gasser you hype was part of that series. I am glad to see its return as well.

    1. Let’s not forget the Ed Shaver version Custom AMX from 1969, which pre-dated the Snake and Mongoose by about a year. But the latter two will always be remembered as the first and foremost drag racing Hot Wheels.

    2. The Cyclone wasn’t part of the Drag Strip Demons line. That line came out first and was designed by Rob Matthes. The Cyclone was introduced in the 2011 Garage series. I wish it could have been part of the DSD line…

  2. The “little boring Cool Classics” version is having a front row place in my display. Love the color, the stance, the wheels. Still, this is how it should look, not boring but outrageous.

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