Unboxing: 2018 Hot Wheels International G Case

Unboxings mean looking to see what is in the case, seeing if I pulled a Super, and in this case, discovering a much-needed improvement on an otherwise killer model.  Check it out.

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  1. Two Gulf liveries in the same case? The Indy Car and the Porsche.

    Since mainlines are so plasticky these days, I really don’t buy too many anymore but I still gotta have one of each Gulf Livery. I hope to also add that Cargo Carriers Ford Supervan in the Gulf livery soon, I got lucky at finding a full set of Japan Historics 2 at retail after missing a couple of Car Culture waves entirely so I hope my luck continues with 2018 Car Culture wave 2.

    (Not gonna add that RLC Car Culture Gulf Camaro, though. I only buy even premium Hot Wheels at retail (and, in any event, I know that RLC Car Culture set is sold out and now selling for triple digits online, well over what I’d be willing on spending on any Hot Wheels car that isn’t decades old).

  2. Just found this case two days ago at a rather unexpected location. This is the earliest I’ve ever found the latest case. Ever. Almost the full case was there minus the Lambo, Mercedes and obviously the STH. I bought the 917 and the M2, which imo is the best casting of this year so far. The other models willl come later (if at all).

    Please do show the BMW M2 showcase along with comparison pics with the Matchbox 1M.

  3. How did that first Porsche 917 get past the extremely strict HW quality control ( as if ! ), I’d be pissed off if I’d paid money for it and the tampo was all torn like it was.

  4. Are as many of you having as much trouble as I am finding new cases this year? Since late November I’ve found; B, E and just the other day G. Where are all the cars?

    Although I found G case, I missed some real gems; the star of the case Porsche 917, the GReddy Fairlady, as well as the Custom 240Z. I did however score the Gulf Indy Car, Lamborghini Huracan, VW Kaifer Racer, the glorious BMW M2, Mercedes-AMG GT, a single LR Defender and at another store a shocking find of only my second ever TV Series Batmobile casting (the other being the ghost flames of a few years ago).

    Once home I realized why the AMG and BMW were left behind. The GT had horribly sloppy headlight tampos and one BWM had a misaligned front tampo while the second BMW which I had initially thought was perfect, turned out to have a sizable gash in the paint on the rear fender.

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