So did all the HW Cars & Donuts end up at this Target? Here is what it tells me.

Instagram user @piper_1172 posted this interesting pic taken at Target today:

Quite a sight, right?  Here is what it tells me:

  • There are a few collectors who will have their pick of what Cars & Donuts they want.
  • This will cause an unnecessary flurry of activity among collectors.
  • Most importantly, there are a TON of Cars & Donuts out there.

Many of you have been concerned that you haven’t come across that many Cars & Donuts.  And too bad too, because it is a fantastic mix, with two new castings.  It seemed to hit a few big box stores briefly, as well as some Walgreens.  And then nothing.

Well, this should help you understand what happened.  It is all Japan Historics 2’s fault.  JH2 hit the stores in a major way at the first of the year, and because of the price change, required retailers to change their pegs.  That means no more space for the previous Car Culture mixes at the old price.  That left Cars & Donuts in limbo, and my guess is a TON of them are sitting in warehouses waiting for homes.  This clearance endcap at Target is one of those solutions.

So while I am speculating, I would think it isn’t time to fret.  Just be patient.  These models might appear at a store – like Target – near you.

Whatever the story, that is a great pic.

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  1. I know exactly where they will appear.

    Just check at your local Dollar Tree, 5 Below, Big Lots, and Tuesday Morning store withing the next 2-3 months. I find lots of stuff at those places.

    But not Ollies’s. The store near me has a Matchbox Jurassic Park vehicle for $1.99. The nearby Walmart sold it earlier last year for 50 cents. Ollie’s is a joke.

  2. Oddly enough, the only place I’ve found them this far was at a Walgreens, and even then, only one of the five (or more) in my vicinity even had any to begin with. Whole set minus the Subaru & Z (which I already had), though, so not too bad. Still, hopefully more make it to the pegs in the larger stores (i.e. Target, as seen here) — seems like there’s no shortage of collectors around here who I bet would love to get their hands on a set or two.

  3. I never saw Cars & Donuts in Ottawa, Canada. I barely saw any of the, what was it, Race Day cars from the wave before it and am still missing the Porsche in the GReddy livery. A lot of stores still have the Track Day and Redliners cars from 2016 still hanging on the pegs.

    But I did find a full set of the Japan Historics 2, which are so much nicer than any of the 2016 or 2017 Car Culture assortments, at a Walmart the other week, so Canadian distribution of the Car Cultures may be picking up again. (Though I haven’t seen the Japan Historics 2 since I bought a set, so I may have been lucky to get them when I did.)

  4. Seeing that many in one store is mind boggling. There may not be many more to go around if most ended up in that one store. 🙂

  5. I have a feeling this is how the rest of the Cars & Donuts are going to end up. Full pegs in one or two stores while other stores get nothing.

    Whatever it is, that picture is quite a sight to behold!

  6. My Target has about a dozen of the Air Cooled VW SP1 on clearance for $1.28. wish I could find the Datsun and M1.

  7. And on frigging CLEARANCE too???

    In Boston, I still haven’t seen a single JH1, JH2, Cars & Donuts, 50th Anniversary, 2017 Holiday or ZAMAC. If anyone knows a store that has some, please let me know. It’s a wasteland here,

    (However, if anyone wants stuff from the Cars 3 Movie collection, those are warming pegs everywhere.)

    1. Yeah.. Mattel has a handle on those cars too, but I’m not up too too much on the marketing & retail game, but I wonder too about the large area of Cars 3 products clogging the peg walls. You think it’s because of the power & money Disney beholds with it’s massive global operations?

  8. *Sigh*

    I’m still holding on to hope of finding the Subaru and the Alfa, which are the ones I still need. I’d love to come across a scene like this one…

  9. All I can say is be on the lookout! I really dig the Bug-eyed Subaru, and of course the BMW M1.. and i’ll even throw in the Datsun which reminds me of the convention car.
    The McLaren man.. wow, ugly graphics which qualifies it as a donor. The Alfa is cool also, but they can make great donor wheels too for vintage style projects because of those classic Minilite type wheels.

  10. Wow! What a beautiful sight! This is one of my favorite Car Culture waves. Such a shame it fell victim to horrible timing – the switch to a higher pricepoint with Japan Historics 2. Personally I did OK, finding all but the Fugu Z. My first sighting was finding multiples of the McLaren and Alfa, plus a single BMW at a Fred Meyer grocery store. I kept hunting all the local retailers over the following weeks and finally came up with another BMW and a Subaru one by one at various Walgreens drug store. I never did see any of these at Walmart, Target or Toys R Us.

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