Hot Wheels has unveiled all of its 50th Anniversary lines, and they are yummy.

We are smack-dab in the middle of Hot Wheels 50th Year, and many of us have already gobbled up a fair share of 50th models.  But we knew more was to come, and Hot Wheels made it public today.  This popped up on the website today, and there is a TON to look forward to:

We obviously have already seen the Black & Gold Collection, as well as the Zamac flames and Camaro sets.  Plus, the first release of the Throwback set is in New Zealand and the Originals in Europe.

I’ll let you scroll throw the images to see what else is coming, and I’ve including some of my favorites below.  Needless to say Hot Wheels is not holding back on the celebratory models, and there is still more to come.


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  1. Sad to say, I think the Since 68 line for the 40th did a much better job representing the breadth of HotWheels history better than the 50th lines. Those at least disclosed so far.

  2. As a JDM fan, and not someone who jumps on the bandwagon and scalp and resell on eBay, i’ll pass on all of these except for the Datsun.

  3. Neat, a little something for everyone. I’ll be looking for the Datsun Wagon, with it’s nice plain deco (tired of still seeing the Surf Patrol on the pegs..), and the Galaxie is cool with the steelies (the Gulf livery is growing on me in general). You’ve recently turned me on to the Gassers, but I don’t think I like them with the mainline wheels (will the black or pink Big Deal have Real Riders? Will any of these releases? Maybe the Favorites?). Always curious about Mystery New Models, as indicated in the Race Team Mini Collection. And nice to see an Escort RS1600, but ugh, those wheels..

  4. Had to chuckle when you said that we’ve “already seen” the ZAMAC collection. I must not be included in the “we” because that’s yet to show up anywhere near me.

    There’s some decent stuff here, but I think I’m most blown away by that Gulf Galaxie…holy shit it looks great on those steelies. A premium version of the Li’l Red Express is awesome too…I’ll forgive them for giving it the same deco as the mainline release because of the fact that it’s authentic to the real thing. And finally, that ’77 Dodge Van looks absolutely epic in brown with the retro-tastic graphics. As always, I have to wonder how many of the ones I want that I’ll actually be able to find.

  5. Looks like I’ll be waiting for Hot Wheels year 51. Nothing here has got me excited in the least. There are maybe half a dozen I’d pick up on a whim, but none that I’ll be actively hunting for.

  6. just got the 65 galaxie, 55 chevy gasser, and to date, the heaviest hot wheel car ever released……the t1 drag bus, god I love casting so glad they reintroduced it!!

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