The Gulf Camaro fits in well with this RLC Bundle full of iconic decos.

BRE, Gulf, and Mooneyes.  If you had to rank the most recognizable and popular ongoing decos in today’s Hot Wheels, these might be the three chosen (with Advan being the fourth).

And all three are in the RLC Car Culture Bundle.  Sure, the BRE 510 was most likely the main the reason the Bundle sold out, but the other four models are no slouches.  It’s a tremendous set.


Even with the BRE being the star, it is Mooneyes and Gulf that have no lifespan.  BRE seems nearing its end, but I will never get sick of Mooneyes and Gulf.  Hot Wheels could dedicate an entire Car Culture mix to either and I wouldn’t be sick of them in the least.  Same goes with the types of models used.  We’ve seen a plethora of models in Gulf, and this Camaro fits perfectly.

So I will add it to my Gulf collection, unless it stays in my always-expanding Car Culture collection.


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  1. I like em all. The main reason I got the RLC Car Culture Set was the BRE 510. The Gulf Chevy is ok,but would have stood out more with the
    “”MOONEYES”” on it. BRE is nowhere near it’s end in the RLC. We still have BRE (Trucks, Datsun 510 wagons) that have not been used. Most of all the BRE Roadster with the # (46) needs to be done to complete the BRE trifecta. So I feel the BRE brand is here to stay like the
    famous DRAG BUS which I cannot get enough of,also. 👏🏽

  2. HW really needs to do rally sets. One for pre-Group B (Escort, Stratos, one for Group B (of course), one for 90’s Group A (Delta, EVO, WRX), one for the cars before ’17 (DS3, Fiesta, Polo), and the 2018 ones.

    1. Keep dreamin’…we’ll be lucky to get even one of those hypothetical sets (though any one of them would be awesome)

  3. It’s obvious.. BRE, Gulf & Mooneye’s! I’m not 100% dedicated to JDM like others, but I see BRE sticking around for quite a while. I don’t think you can exclaim the demise of BRE to die hard JDM/BRE fans IMO!

    I think the Camaro would look good with a different set of wheels on it now.. maybe i’m just nitpicking. How about something more ‘Drag’ oriented such ones used from the Drag Strip Demons line:

  4. I like this model a lot more now that I’ve seen detailed pics, but the set is still too spendy (on the secondhand market) for me

  5. It is the Gulf Livery that inspired me to have my 72 Datsun 510 painted that special light blue color!

    How about a Gulf Livery Z?

  6. I love the Gulf livery, particularly on Porsche 917s and others of that era. That said, I think it’s getting overplayed now.

  7. It would have been a must-buy for me if only Mattel hadn’t done the RLC-exclusive thing for what is otherwise a retail series.

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