Would you pay $1000 for a Hot Wheels Toy Fair Porsche 934?

I would say value doesn’t hold a whole lot of weight in what I collect.  I would have to think that is the case with most of you as well.  Treating Hot Wheels purely as an investment is ludicrous.  There are better, for more productive ways to get your kids through college.

But value is a big part OF collecting.  Are you willing to pay a particular amount to have something, from $15 for an RLC to $400 for the Candy Striper Gasser you want for your collection?

That question comes to life with the Hot Wheels Toy Fair Porsche.  The model was never available to the public, so it is instantly more valuable than most.  But its value continues to grow, and it just passed $1000 this last week:

I like the Toy Fair models, so I typically jump on them when they hit ebay every fall.  I have to pay a hefty amount, but there are cases when I am happy I did, like with this model.  There is no way I would fork over that amount.

Not to say I have been tempted by certain models in the past.  I, like many of you, keep an eye on the Military and Fire Rods Silverados, but I can’t get myself to pay the prices it hits.  But as much as I wish it was cheaper, they have settled into the $400-$500 price range and I have to deal with it.  And “dealing with it” means I most likely won’t ever have one.  And that is fine with me.

So what is your limit?  Two people paid over $1000 each for the Toy Fair Porsche, and I have to think they are very happy to have one.

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  1. Uh..no. It’s a nicer version of a $1 Hot Wheels, with nicer graphics and rubber tires. $75 maybe $100. Anymore, and you’re just a fool being parted from your money, or you have too much disposable income.

  2. Ludicrous money. I’d agree with Carlos…maybe up to $150 or $200 even, but anything beyond that is just silly. It’s a stunner of a model to be sure, but four figures is “lol”-worthy

  3. The most I’ve ever paid for a single car was $100. I just can’t bring myself to pay more then that for anything.

  4. Man, and I was cringing when I paid $35 for the nova gasser recently. That was my had to have it moment.

    Admittedly, one day I will pull the trigger on an ultra raw AW….one day.

  5. It’s all relative to how much money you have . Some of us drive Toyotas and others Mercedes . The beauty here is that others are willing to pay a premium for what some paid a bunch less for . I would never sell mine because I value it much more than it’s dollar value.

  6. The phrase “more money than sense” springs to mind, but then again I’m just an ordinary collector like most people and agree with the other comments that there is a limit, mine is £50-100 but as some of the HW I have to buy come from the US here in England we have the postage plus UK import VAT at 20%, some of them will have to be missing from my collection…………including this one !

  7. I have a hard time forking out $150 for a vintage redline. Amazing that there are people who will pay this kind of cash.

  8. Funny, there was a gold-plated redline Porsche 911 from the mid ’70s that was only supposed to go to Mattel employees who attended some banquet or other. Several years ago it seemed it was around the $1000 mark. No telling what it is now.

    I could buy some nice redlines for $1000. But then again, I’d rather spend it on something else.

  9. OUr company does convenience store renovations. An office mate and I have a lot of 1/64 in our offices. So at an image training event last year, the Gulf folks were giving away the Gulf RLC Kafer Racer. Our boss brought it back and dares us to touch it. LOL> He had no idea until we explained it to him the value of that car. To him it’s just here to torment us. I really wouldn’t want to sell it, but I would like it sitting on MY desk instead of his!!! But I would not spend more than $10 or so for any 1/64 probably. I do have the HW barris set which was pretty high dollar back in the day. And I have a bunch of the HW sets I gathered over the years. But nothing really expensive.

  10. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    1,000 is WAY too much for a little car, IT HAS A PLASTIC BASE!!!!
    I can go to Walmart and get a far better premium car with a Metal Body, Base and full graphics for $5
    The only reason this car costs so much is because it is a Porsche. Too overrated, too expensive. I’ll pass.

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