Rollin’ in my SVO. Mustang enters the Hot Wheels Car Culture world in style, yo.

The upcoming RLC Car Culture set is going to be a hit.  I don’t think anyone disputes that. Adding a sixth car to each 2017 Car Culture assortment is a brilliant idea, and it is equally well-executed.  Each car fits its mix.


My guess is the BRE 510 will be the most sought-after model of the set, but that should not take away anything from the other four.  In fact, the star of the set might be the ’84 Mustang SVO.  This is the first time a Mustang has been in Car Culture, and it enters in style.  A white Mustang with red trim is cool enough, but it’s next level shit here.  And anyone from my generation should know why.

Oh man we had some things wrong back then.  Still, you want that Car Culture Mustang a little more now, right?


It ain’t a ragtop, but its soul is there.  Put it into first and then back into reverse.


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      1. True . But they do also keep it real. Buick Riviera to Aston Martins. They know how to do realism. I agree with Keith.

  1. Looks pretty good, lots of detail, I always loved the double spoiler when I was a kid (like the Merkur XR4Ti!). I agree with the observation about the larger rear wheels, really annoying on such a “realistic” model. I do, however, appreciate the license taken with the headlights; I believe the ’84 had the recessed headlights, which I never liked. This model appears to have the flush ones from the later years, and probably easier to manufacture at this scale!

    1. This one has recessed headlights, you can see it in one of the pictures.

      Also, every previous release has them recessed, I’ve got every previous SVO release.

      1. Ah, I see it now, in the last photo. I’ve never seen the other releases in real life. I guess it looked to me like it was the window piece peeking out as headlights, but no. It does look like there’s some silver in there on this one, did the Boulevard edition have any front deco?

    2. 84’s all came with black rear spoilers. I like the SVO”s. Kind of used the Boss 302 concept for a Fox Body Stang.

  2. Not a fan of the big rear wheels, but I’ll probably buy it anyway, just for the the car’s status of being the most underappreciated Mustang in the history of the make (aside from the ’74-’78 Mustang II).
    This was intended to be a High-tech vehicle, with the tech-heavey nose and split rear wing. It was also meant to showcase that a 2.3 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine was strong enough to perform like a V-8. It didn’t work.

    1. One problem was meatheads not understanding the turbo engine needed to be left to idle for a moment before turning it off.

      1. Yes, one thing about turbo engines.. you have to idle for a short time to to cool down so as not to ‘cook’ the oil.

  3. I am in agreement with most of the responses here. The large rear wheel kills it for me. And I wasnt really a Vanilla Ice fan anyway. He stole the mean beat from David Bowie.

  4. The large rear wheels spoil it. If it wasn’t for those, I am genuinely saying this model would be right up there with the Mercedes 190 and Subaru WRX as one of the best models of the year. This is my favourite model from the RLC set and the only one that I really, really want. We need more of these in Car Culture! They best justify the increased price.

  5. You know.. i’d sometimes bitch to myself about the huge rear wheel set-up, as with this particular vehicle and like some others, but when you get the car into your hand, it might not be such a big deal.
    Of course it would look cooler or more realistic with a uniform arrangement consisting of the same size wheels, but for some reason this car has that HW’s characteristic with the big & little deal.. it just adds a little more of a unique flavor. Maybe you’d prefer an Auto World SVO if you want realism, but HW’s is HW’s so enjoy it!

  6. Too bad it’s a RLC exclusive. Japan Culture, I mean Car Culture, could benefit from more like this on the pegs instead of the endless nonsense of Race cars and JDM. The Truck segment was the best so far with the Redliners a close second.

  7. So many people complaining about the large rear wheel.

    Note 1: this is actually the 5th release of the casting. 2012 Hot Ones, 2013 Boulevard, 2014 Cool Classics. 2015 Heritage Redlines, and now this. Don’t recall these complaints of the wheels for those releases, haha

    Note 2: Jun Imai’s ’92 Mustang LX casting was likely a reference point when they went to design this casting. Dimensions are all the same. Actually a little surprised the ’92 wasn’t used instead as it would be a little more fitting considering the Vanilla Ice influence, hehe.

    Anyway, this and the Comet are easily my favorite of the set, and the main reasons I will want two sets.

  8. You’ve got a problem with the rear wheels? Resolve it!

    It looks cool in person, I have it, and I will be ordering more tomorrow!

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