The Ford Transit Supervan returns to its roots in Car Culture Cargo Carriers

It was my favorite Hot Wheels release of 2015.  Not only because of the execution, but because of the choice.  Hot Wheels decided to do the Ford Transit Supervan, a wild meshing of a Ford Transit and GT40 that produced one of the most unique, and coolest, vehicles ever done.  It also is the subject of one of my favorite YouTube videos:

(WARNING: Watching this video will make you go buy the Hot Wheels Supervan if you don’t already have it.  Just sayin.)

For Hot Wheels collectors, it’s the BRE of vans.  Iconic, unique, and with a near perfect replica.  The Hot Wheels Heritage Supervan hits every note, from wheels to deco, including my favorite detail, it’s reverse rake.


There really is nowhere to go with Supervan after the Heritage release.  There was only one Supervan, and that is exactly what it looked like.  So with the casting done, Hot Wheels did what seemed logical – toss it into Pop Culture.

It’s large side panel is perfect for Pop Culture art, so the last three releases have been Star Trek, Beatles, and Star Wars, respectively.  And wallowing in Pop Culture, at least for me, means none of them joined the collection.

So I am thrilled to see Supervan return to a line I collect, with a livery that makes it worthy of adding to the collection.  For Car Culture Cargo Carriers, it’s gone Gulf.


Sure, it’s a made-up deco, but everything that isn’t Supervan is, and this one works beautifully.  If you watched the video, you know that Supervan has a GT40 engine in the back (and yes, if you take apart the HW casting you will see one too).  Knowing it has GT40 guts, it makes sense that Supervan sport the GT40’s most iconic clothes, the blue and orange Gulf livery.


It’s a great choice, especially considering there are no real options left.  Plus, the HW Team made it a little more fun by adding the orange 4-spokes.  Just a tad more character for a model that is a essentially a licensed fantasy car.


I am super stoked for this one.  And while I don’t know where we go from here, I am looking forward to seeing the HW Team try.  Just as long as it isn’t just in Pop Culture.


11 Replies to “The Ford Transit Supervan returns to its roots in Car Culture Cargo Carriers”

  1. Wow, I couldn’t stop smiling! The music, the editing, so.. period-correct! Favourite detail: the tape on the headlights. And you answered my question: there IS an engine inside!

  2. I have every release of this van thus far and have every intention of getting this one as well. When the first Supervan came out I was thrilled but I knew nothing would trump it, so I bought a handful as theu pegwarmed in my area. The casting is spot on, and feels great in the hand. Looking forward to number 5!

  3. I…think the tires are too thin. It’s the biggest criticism that I’ll level against this, and the only one I have.

  4. I never bough any of the Pop culture versins either, but I was almost tempted to buy the Star Trek issue. I balked when I notices the package had been opened and resealed with packing tape and the Real Riders wheels removed and replaced with wheels from the dollar store cheapies. Once again Walmart’s returns policy is showing its weakness.
    Anyway, I’m buying the Gulf model. It’s a must-have, just like the Honda.

  5. Not a fan of this livery. Yes, its iconic and the connection with the GT40 is strong but it just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe its not the livery but the wheels. Those orange wheels are ugly. The original one’s are so perfect and fitting that nothing else looks good on this. I wish they’d done it in a different way.

  6. The orange wheels are a little much, but that’s the only criticism I can level at this one..otherwise it’s stunning. This Gulf version will be the third Supervan in my collection…I don’t normally pick up Pop Culture models, but being a Beatles fanatic, I have the “Rubber Soul” version from the Beatles set, as well as the debut Heritage model. I can’t wait for this one.

  7. Nice casting, just wish it could be a bit bigger like the Matchbox or Corgi ones, orange wheels are a bit much though.

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