Why you should collect all the Hot Wheels (licensed) Gassers (and A/FX).

Right out of the gate, I get the argument on the Pass’n Gasser.  It is based on a ’37 Ford, and I should have probably given it some love here, but I have always considered it unlicensed.  I might be wrong.  But when you look at the ’55 Bel Air, Supernova, and Mercury Cyclone Gassers, plus the ’63 Nova and Dodge Coronet A/FX cars, you have a nice dragstrip family.  Maybe I will have to give the Pass’n Gasser its own feature someday.  If I have any.

For now, since my Gasser Family (and I use the term loosely with the A/FX cars, so bear with me) is complete, here are all the releases of the five I collect:

We’ve got more coming.  RLC and Convention Supernovas, 50th Favorite Gassers (standard and TRU exclusive), and with the Dragstrip Demons mix coming in Car Culture, anything can happen.

2 Replies to “Why you should collect all the Hot Wheels (licensed) Gassers (and A/FX).”

  1. These are some great cars. The Morris gasser is another HW that I believe is underrated and hasn’t spent too much time in the spotlight. I wish there were more ‘premium’ releases available.

  2. The Pass’n Gasser is licenced. It has the FoMoCo licencing stamp on the back of the card. It just has a “funny name/pun” for a name like some other licenced castings.

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