Lamley Preview: Hot Wheels RLC 2018 HWC Original 16 Custom T-Bird

Alright you new RLC members, here is your first chance to snag an RLC model.  Tomorrow, February 27th, at 9am Pacific Time, the first sale of 2018 will happen, and its a beauty.  The Original 16 line continues with an olive green beauty, the Custom T-Bird.

The Original 16 are a revisit by Hot Wheels of the first 16 models ever released, and the T-Bird is next.  Here is my preview, with photos coming tonight.  Enjoy:


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  1. Yeah, yeah great RLC blah blah blah. Haven’t seen an MBX post in 3+ weeks, Mattel putting them on the back burner again? This is the first time in weeks I have come on. I get the Emails Hot Wheels, Tomica, M2 ect. What is going on with MBX? Maybe I’ll come back when you have something that interests me…..🤔😏😕😑

    1. No John that is my fault. I haven’t taken photos to show, but that will change in a big way this week. Two Matchbox previews on video, a ton on photo. Lots happening, so stay tuned (and I put a little teaser on IG).

  2. I want be on the fence for this one tomorrow. Cool Color. Speaking of MBX I am excited to see the final rendition of the MBX GREYHOUND. jtl46 please mention it when you show MBX next week. Thanks.

  3. Mattel hasn’t processed the new members from the signup a couple of weeks ago.

    So those of us who are new members are S.O.L. on this piece.

    From what I have read on the HWC website, it looks like we can expect our memberships to be processed some time within the next decade…


    1. What exactly do you mean they haven’t processed the new members? I am a new RLC member this year and I have been given a membership ID number, plus email notification that my kit w/Dataun Bluebird has been shipped. You may want to contact customer support if yo account isn’t set up yet. You should be qualified to place an order tomorrow.

  4. So.. i have to ask, which reproductions of the Original 16 been released so far and/or what number count is the Custom T-Bird?
    I’ve lost touch with the previous releases, so if anyone could provide a link, i’d be very grateful, thank you!

    1. So far:

      Custom VW
      Custom Camaro
      Custom Mustang
      Custom Fleetside
      Beatnik Bandit
      Ford J Car
      Hot Heap

      These will be on the way:

      Custom T-bird
      Custom Firebird
      Custom Barracuda
      Custom Corvette
      Custom Cougar
      Custom Eldorado
      Python / Cheetah

      1. My list is not in any particular order. While I suspect the remaining 8 will be released over the next year for the 50th anniversary, it could extend longer than that.

      2. Thank you so much. Cool deal my friend. It’s not like I need to complete the whole set, but I might WANT to… it’s a hoarding sickness!

  5. Will all the 16 originals be released this year?
    Where I can find that 5-car series of 50th anniversary ( 68 cougar, 67 Mustang, VW beetle, Barracuda and Camaro)?

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