Here is some Matchbox to look forward to in Mixes D and E

Here are a few more new models coming in Matchbox Batches D and E.  The highlight, after that Wagoneer that we have already seen?  A very nice new Mercedes.  Photos coming soon.

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  1. Can’t wait for another new Mercedes casting which are always welcome and the Wagoneer! Although I’m not a fan of the Mercedes GLE Coupe in real life because of the fastback coupe design on an S.U.V. with those fat, meaty tires all around, it makes for a great Matchbox though! It looks a little narrow and tight like you said. I’ll still take it!

  2. I’m really excited about D & E. This is going to be a fun set. And I know not everybody loves the enerics, but I am ready to find the Badlander. It’s one of my favorite castings, and I have all of the releases so far.

  3. The GLE looks too narrow. The rest of the model is perfect but the narrow body is disturbing. Now my only worry is whether I can get my hands on one.

  4. For the narrator of this video I was wondering if you know when will the Yamaha bike be available to retailers and eBay? Since I reside in Canada and Canadian retailers appear slow in receiving up to date Matchbox vehicles my best bet would be to purchase from eBay even though purchasing through eBay can be more costly as opposed to purchasing from a retail store.

  5. The width of the GLE doesn’t bother me too much…the proportions aren’t even close to as bad as, say, that horrid Hummer they keep using that looks like it was smashed to half its normal height. Overall there’s some good stuff in these two mixes, though as always, the issue will be finding them. I’ll surely be hunting. I’m loving all the new Mercedes castings, but every time a new one comes out I have to force myself not to think about how quickly I’d trade in that Mercedes license for Ferrari.

  6. Wow, that ’33 Plymouth! They did a nice job on the Wagoneer, too. Great repaint of the 95 van. The Beetle is a crazy nice casting. Can’t wait to see it in person. The Mercedes is also a crazy nice casting. Vehicle choice is so important to me, though. From a design point of view this vehicle is completely banal. I’m not really trying to single this one out. It’s sort of a problem of our times. Matchbox rightfully wants to mix working vehicles, older vehicles and current vehicles into a lineup. It’s fun to have models of things you easily could see on the road now. But car design has gotten so bad. There are no lines, everything is frumpy, mindlessly rounded and tubby. There’s no edge, no purpose. Most modern cars, SUV’s, and pick-ups look like they are plastic, just the way they are sculpted. They look cheap and thoughtless (though expensive). Sometimes this problem is alleviated by casting a really unusual current vehicle into a toy, such as the 6×6. Matchbox put full effort into the Mercedes and it’s a great model, but at it’s best, it’s still a model of a rich soccermom mobile (and I don’t just mean who likely drives it, but what it LOOKS like…

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