M2 Machines previews Auto-Japan Series 2 at the New York Toy Fair

The last few days has been a toy fest in NYC.  February means the New York Toy Fair, which is a massive gathering of toymakers and retail reps, previewing all that is to come.

Every year a good friend of mine, Tim Pagano of MVE Collectibles, heads over to check out all the goodies, and every year he is nice enough to send over pics.  (That is worthy of a plug, right?  Head to his store and check it out.)

Some of the retailers were showing off product that we obsessive collectors have already seen and pursued, while others showed upcoming product.  One brand that was full of cool previews was M2 Machines, and Tim was able to get a few pics.

Of course the line that most interests me is Auto-Japan.  Collectors can cry hype all they want, but the fact is Auto-Japan has been a massive success for M2.  The highly detailed stock vs custom approach of M2 filled a nice gap for JDM collectors, and they gobbled up everything released.  So I am happy, and not at all surprised, to see the line continue.

And that is what M2 was previewing, what they called Auto-Japan Series 2.  Same castings, similar decos, but new looks:

I can’t make out all the details, but it looks like one of each casting is a new color on a previous deco, with the release of each casting sporting a brand new deco entirely.  Either way, I want it.

I don’t know when this set is out, or where it will hit, but considering the models appear to be all done, I am guessing it should be soon.

More to come.  Thanks Tim!

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  1. I picked up several of the Auto-Japan series when the first run was out, and I like them a lot. The detailing and the fact that M2 sticks to scale make the models unique. I probably won’t pick up all of these, maybe just the ones with new decos. It’ll be interesting to see if this series branches out with some new castings. My fingers are crossed for a wagon or a van (or both)

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