Lamley Preview: Hot Wheels Car Culture Cargo Carriers

After the mayhem that has been Japan Historics 2, it is time to move onto the next Hot Wheels Car Culture Mix, Cargo Carriers.  I have already professed my unwavering love for the C10 Skyline Wagon, but this set brings it from the first to the fifth model.  Here is your first look:

Cargo Carriers will hit stores and hobby dealers within the next two to three weeks.


3 Replies to “Lamley Preview: Hot Wheels Car Culture Cargo Carriers”

  1. I fully expect to be alone here, but I’m completely underwhelmed by the Mooneyes Volkswagen. To be honest I think it’s the flames…they just kill that model for me. The Sunagon is just ok, I think it’ll be the pegwarmer of the bunch and I may or may not pick it up depending on how it looks in person. The remaining three are gold though. I know I’ll love the Skyline and the Supervan, but I’m most surprised by the Odyssey…it just looks so damn good. I think I’m surfing a minor wave of optimism after finding a full set of JH2 in stores, so my hopes are high I’ll be able to find what I want out of this set. The Skyline will be a particular challenge though.

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