Preview: 2018 Hot Wheels G Case Models to look for.

These arrived from Wheel Collectors on Friday.  I’d call them the highlights of the case.  My camera is ready to go, so which model shall I feature first?

6 Replies to “Preview: 2018 Hot Wheels G Case Models to look for.”

  1. It would be a crime not to feature the BMW M2 first. Can’t wait to get that one in hand. It will look amazing next to the M4.

  2. The M2 is going to look great between the Matchbox 1M and big brother M4. The rest all good too, with two exceptions: the Nomad is starting to look a bit long in the tooth, and the Batmobile is too much like all the rest of the releases. I get that they’re trying to get their bang for the buck for the licensing, but how many times can they release what is essentially the same model and deco?

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