The first Hot Wheels Nationals Convention model has been unveiled.

You might be hearing a collecting “yessssssssss” among the collecting community today.  That is typically the reaction to a new Hot Wheels ’83 Silverado.  It is SURELY the reaction  when the Silverado goes premium, especially for a Hot Wheels Convention.

Nationals is about two months away, and the sneaks are now starting to hit.  And what a way to start:

I think this is the first time the lowered Squarebody gets the Convention treatment, and it is beautifully understated.  An era-appropriate deco, and convention info on the tailgate as opposed to a big distracting logo.

This will be one of the  convention models, available for purchase to all paid attendees. The other Convention model will be sneaked by the Convention Team before the event, but the Redline Club, Dinner, and Finale models will be surprises at the event.  From what I am hearing, they will be STUPID good.

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  1. Now that is what a premium model should look like. Subtle pinstripe on the hood, perfect wheel combo, wheel wells cut out to tuck the tires up nice and tight. Excellent execution.

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