M2 Machines unveils it’s latest 1/24 scale Datsun 510. I wish they would stop making me want these larger scale models.

I’ve said it before, and the rule continues.  I am ALL IN on M2 Machines Auto-Japan.  As space for my collection keeps dwindling, I have to be very specific in what I collect.  And with M2’s prolific output, I need to be extra picky.

They made it easy with the launch of Auto-Japan.  Taking my love for Japanese cars and adding M2’s obsession for different styles and details makes for a must-have line.  And that is exactly the case with their 1/64 Auto-Japan.  I have been pursuing them all.

But then M2 had to and make 1/24 scale Auto Japan as well, starting with the Datsun 510. I thought I could resist, considering I have very few 1/24 in the collection, until I came across the Advan 510 at a nearby Walmart.


It is insanely nice.  The wheels, the paint, the engine details.  It is incredible.  Sean and those bastards at M2 made me do it, and I’m not happy.  I have to keep it.

And now they go off and announce this:

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Its popularity is undeniable. Possibly the hottest classic Japanese Import on the market today. The 1970 Datsun 510 in scaled form has become one of the most sought-after castings in current times. M2 Machines 1:24th scale version offers collectors details like no other. M2 digitally scanned the full-scale version with the latest technology on the market to make sure exact scaling replication was achieved – and best of all, M2 Machines can offer collectors a 1:24th scale replica of this ultra-popular vehicle, for a retail price point that won’t empty wallets. This 1970 Datsun 510 which is part of release 60 is shipping now to our mass market and hobby dealers and will be available to collectors this month. We suggest you get your pre-orders in today as this will be a release that sells out as fast as it becomes available. #M2 #m2machines #diecastcars #diecast #datsun #datsun510

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AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!  I have to have this!  I don’t want to have to have this, but I have to have this.  It’s gorgeous!  It even, at least for me, surpasses the Advan release.  I was really hoping to look and see it is 1/64, but it is 1/24.  And I will be getting it.


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  1. I saw this orange one at Walmart today. It was agonizing, AGONIZING to leave it. It was so nice. Dammit. I made my choice a month ago when I bought the 1/24 jada 53 racing 240z. But I really want this one now too. I can’t. Sh–…

  2. I figured out years ago to stick to range in scale of models after collecting from 1/18 to 1/32 as a major size before going to mostly 1/64 and getting 1/43rd scale if the cars I was looking for could not be found in the smaller size.

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