One model 5-pack: The HW Metro 5-pack features one cool VW

New 5-pack alert.  A visit to the pegs at Target today yielded this new pack, HW Metro:


This isn’t a 5-pack I would typically mention here on the blog, but that second model merits a closeup.  Sandwiched between a stack of generics, and an unfortunate plastic Amazoom, is a beautiful VW Squareback.


VW’s tend to show up as 5-pack stars, and this Squarebuck follows suit.  I am sure some will complain about the red base, but this model is clean.  Satin blue with a simple deco, all on top of white OH5 wheels.  I like it.

Still, one star in a 5-pack takes some debating, so I left it.  What do you think?  Worth the purchase?

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  1. I saw that one last week and almost bought it. The wheel on the VW had a minor scratch. If I’m going to buy a 5 pack for just one car, it’s gotta be perfect. But once I find a good one, that one’s coming home.

  2. Does anyone at Mattel say “look lads, this box is a pile of shit” before approval for release, or do they just not care ? I collect VW vehicles and would love this Squareback, but a 5 pack here in England is £7.97 ( $10.50 ), and who pays $10 for just one car ? Mattel are taking the piss on this one, if I was in charge of Mattel I would put out proper models not bits of plastic that someone has designed in the dark after drinking 8 pints. With the rise of Youtube inspiring collectors who watch Edgar Rivera and Owen on wtffor, it is important to put out things that people want to buy, give us what we want not what you want us to have and then maybe the pegs at the shops would be empty rather than full of plastic shit that bears no resemblance to a car, who actually collects generics for heaven’s sake ? And my pet peeve is larger back wheels on cars……………….WHY ?????????????

  3. Sorry, but even the VW looks terrible with those horrid wheels, the orange plastic base, and tedious graphics. This set looks like something one might find at The Dollar Store by an off-brand known for poor, throw-away quality.

  4. It’s a nice VW, but unlike the Range Rover Evoque in the Matchbox 5-pack that was featured a couple weeks ago, this isn’t good enough to warrant picking up the set. If they had just put in one other decent model, I could be tempted.

  5. I think the whole pack looks sharp. Mega-Duty is definitely the ugly-duckling of the lot but it is easy to look over given how sharp Repo Duty, Hiway Hauler 2, the VW Fastback, and, heck; even Amazoom! Amazoom is one of the most generic of generics and it looks decent (this has been happening a lot with Audacious lately, as well).

  6. I also collect VW but will not buy this for the squareback. If it was something I really got to have and the color is right I may be tempted to get it just like what I did with a 5 pack Matchbox as it had the Land Cruiser in it.

  7. I actually kind of like it – it is quirky. Agreed with the above that it is not worth buying the entire pack for, but I still like it. I’m also a fan of Amazoom, as weird as that is. It is a quirky car and I have a soft spot for certain fantasy/generic cars.

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