The Celeb Cars: Magnus’ Porsche and Sung’s Maverick are the stars of Hot Wheels Mix E

There are signatures on the cards.  Signed by the stars that are associated with both new models.  The dudes signing them must be stars.

And they are.  And you know that, too.  There is a good chance you are on Instagram if you are reading this blog, and while Magnus and Sung gained their fame elsewhere, they went sonic on IG.  They have become IG car stars, and that means their cars are…well…stars.


Sung Kang made his name in the movies, most notably the Fast & Furious franchise, but you know that.  Magnus moved from his clothing company to rebuilding Porsches, but you know that too.  And you know that 277 Porsche is Magnus’s, and the Maverick followed Sung’s FuguZ as his latest SEMA star.

So they have that in common, which is nice.  But there is more.  Both look to be modified off of previous Hot Wheels castings.  See?


Hot Wheels can modify stuff too.  And that means, even the IG trollers who can’t wait to post a “yawn” when these are posted, can secretly be excited about future versions, sans the card signature.  Thank Magnus for the classic Porsche, that will look stellar in future releases, and of course thanks Sung for his two customs, the 240Z and now the Maverick.

Whatever the inspiration, they’re here, and they are awesome.


6 Replies to “The Celeb Cars: Magnus’ Porsche and Sung’s Maverick are the stars of Hot Wheels Mix E”

  1. Looks like the Maverick is closer to 1:60 like I was hoping for, unless the pictures are deceiving me. Either way, I look forward to getting one in hand – several if it’s ‘in scale’ with the main castings I collect.

      1. Based on measuring it out on screen, FuguMav was bigger than the stock one, but until I can hold one in hand I can’t be certain, camera angles might play a role. It’ll be a few weeks before I’ve got one in hand.

        The stock style, original release is pretty close to 1:64 (1:63 or so iirc), so it’d need to be bigger to fit in with all the 1:60 scale castings of imports HW has done as of recently.

  2. 911 looks brilliant and a great replica of the real car. No complaints with this one. Can’t wait to find it! Maverick is very clean and I love the gold wheels! Again, can’t wait to find this one either.

  3. These both look great. The rear tampo on the Maverick is a nice surprise, I wasn’t expecting that. Now I just have to go out and find these.

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