Matchbox Basic finally makes an appearance in 2018. Here is the B Case unboxing.

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  1. This case is a bit of a dud in my opinion. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of it so far, and am still looking for the Colorado and Corvette. I passed on the F-series Superlift though…it’s not as nice-looking as I thought it might be, so I can do without it. I was happy to pick up the F-550 pumper though, that’s turned into quite a prolific casting. I don’t know exactly how many they’ve released, but I have 10 now.

  2. The military Jeep is the only one doing it for me. The ‘Cuda color is not correct, nor is it very appealing. The others just aren’t interesting enough for me to pursue, well, any of them. Golden age? Not for me.

  3. I think that ‘Cuda is pretty funny looking. The color is ok on the border of drab, but the proportions are funky.. would be great for the kiddies who getting into collecting or Muscle cars.
    I didn’t see anything earth shattering here. so I was surprised wen I found the Globe Travelers nearby so I grabbed the GT40. It’s cool so I’m still on the fence about the wheel choice though! It has flat finish paint, which is different than the favored gloss coating, but I still want to see the Auto World version which seems to be the one to get (based on Lamley photos that is).

  4. Oh man have some people forgotten how to play with their toys. I found this case at lunch and bought 12 out if 24. The f350 is nice and the cap comes off. The Colorado is cool can’t wait to detail it lots of detail to it. Corvette is very well done love the green tint of the rims. The gems of the case are the two artic rescue vehicles. The tracked vehicle has great detail and will be around I’d say for a with all different decos that will come. Last but not least, the artic thunder, fantastic. All the details from the front bumper to the side mirrors, lights, ladder. And the oversize wheels fit perfectly. Take it out and roll it around great play value. I would like to found some more my self.

  5. I picked up the Morris Mini Van and passed on the Cuda and Willys Jeep. They were nice, just not what I collect. I did not find the Colorado or Corvette Police car at my first sighting of this wave, but did finally come across them last night. Originally I wanted these, but ended up passing due to the volume of Hot Wheels I expect to collect this year. I don’t have room for it all!

  6. I love that strange ‘Cuda color. It’s like an old pool table felt. I’m up for unusual colors. It’s a bit cartoony in feel, but a fun model. I tend to favor licensed over generic like any other collector, but the Skidster is an amazingly fun generic, an all time great Matchbox. That being said, isn’t that paint the same as a past Skidster exactly? Why didn’t they come up with a new scheme for this version? I will buy all Skidsters, but they have to be different in some way… The Seagrave is one of the all time great castings, in my opinion. I was stunned when it came out. One fun thing about Matchbox is how affordable they are and seeing how they manage to make great models that come in on budget. Still, I have a theory that certain models are sort of ‘attention getters’ or pet projects that are allowed to actually loose a bit of money to help the brand. No idea if this is true it’s just an possibility that popped into my head. The 1st Seagrave with the candy apple red, the red hubcaps and the chrome base was maybe the first model where I said to myself, ‘They have to be losing money on this.’ This is such a great casting that I am glad they are milking it with many colors. This one is a slightly creamy pearlescent orange. Very cool color! It’s a slightly ‘budget version’ with a raw plastic base, but any of these Seagraves have a lot of detailing because the casting demands it. The ‘Vette police is nicely done but somehow feels a bit done to death. The one unusual feature is the rainbowy sheen to the hubcaps. High marks for the Morris chocolatier. I think Hot Wheels had an extremely similar mold. The Ford brush fire truck is something that should be up my alley, but it just has too much plastic on it in the wrong places, so the detailing never looks right. It looks cheap. Overall, the paint schemes have not been very good on this model and this new version is no exception. Kind of a missed opportunity. The boat is another example of generics at their best, and it has a removable wave base. But I swear I’ve seen this one in this exact paint a while back… The Jeep is such a classic that it’s probably good to have it back for availability, but this model has been around with almost the same paint for quite a while. Overall, given the buzz for the 2018 models, this was a pretty slow way to start.

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