Case Report: 2018 Hot Wheels International F Case

Back to normal.

I mentioned in my US E Case Unboxing that Mattel had sent out US cases early the last couple of times, and that International cases are typically released first.  And that is what happened for the F Case.  Wheel Collectors was surprised to receive a pallet of International F Cases yesterday.

So what did they do?  Well, they sent over a Case Report of course!  And then they listed the models, which are available here:

Hot Wheels 2018 F Case models at Wheel Collectors

So, as always, a case picked at random, and pulled 3-by-3.  The highlights are below the report.

Oh, and guess what?  We get to play “SPOT THE ERROR”!  Can you spot the error?

Another nice case.  The Porsche 917 LH is the new model highlight, and there are several other castings to snag.

The Super, the Indy 500 Oval, is not licensed like the first five Supers are, but with a racing theme and licensed Gulf livery, this one continues the 2018 hot streak.

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Indy 500 Oval car is the old 2011 IndyCar chassis before they switched to the DW12, so it is, in fact, a licensed model.

  2. Since ‘E’ case was loaded, I suppose case ‘F’ is where we pay the piper. Not a whole lot to get excited about here. The Gulf Oil Porsche 917 is by far the brightest star here. I’ll also be looking for recolors of the Civic Type R, Custom Datsun Z, Lotus, RX-7 and AMG GT. Other than the Porsche, why is it that all the licensed recolors that are new to this case are 1 per case? This will make things challenging for sure!

  3. Does the 240z have the new base with the different bumper just like in the japan historics 2? If yes, I am so keeping an eye for this.

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