The latest M2 Machines Auto-Trucks is out. I’m staring at the new Chevrolet C60

This is a release I had to write about.  M2 Machines releasing a new Auto-Trucks mix is not necessarily huge news.  But when the new Chevrolet C60 is part of that set, it’s news.  At least for me.

My approach to M2 is simple.  Pursue all the Auto-Japan, and snag all the other models that grab my attention.  It seems that the models that grab my attention are the trucks, and this C60 is right up there.  The C60 truck as a custom bed, and it looks like Sean has gone the way of making it look like a C10.  That is brilliance of Sean Taylor and his designs.  So many times his customs look like something that should have been stock.

The set is out, and it is now available at SURPLUSgoodies.


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  1. Wow, that’s a sweet truck. At first I thought the side profile was wacky, but I think this works well, I could definitely be tempted to pick this up if/when I see it.

    Speaking of M2, I stumbled across an all-Ford Econoline assortment the other day at Walmart; 5 unique versions of the same basic vehicle (albeit a couple different model years) They’ve been on a tear with the mid-60s Econolines, and it’s awesome. I didn’t grab all of them, but I did pick up a two-tone dark green/white camper version with the roof bump, as well as a really cool-looking lowered custom version in a multi-tone satin blue & silver. I’m lovin’ these vans.

  2. This is why I love M2. Want a ’67 Firebird Sprint with an OHC6? We got that. How bout a 66 Nova SS with the ultra rare 250 I6? Yup, got that too, How about a 65 Ford Falcon Econoline Van? Several varieties for your tastes…

    M2’s attention to detail, especially with cars that history has barely given a second thought too, combined with things like jeweled headlights and opening doors is what really makes them stand out from other makers. I look forward to other castings!

  3. Looks like a nice truck but I will probably buy it only if I find it in store as I have bad experience with M2’s quality issues whenever I received it from an online store that I rather be the one to inspect and pick it myself.

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