Lamley Unboxing: 2018 Hot Wheels US E Case

The timing and method of the release of Hot Wheels cases can always be a little…uh…different.  Typically the International cases are released first, and that is what hobby dealers like A&J Toys and Wheel Collectors order.  The US cases come out a little later and are mostly found in big box stores.

The last couple of releases have been different.  The US cases were released first, and the batches were delayed in general.  That has meant hobby dealers got the cases at the same time as the stores.  Hence, an E Case unboxing at the same time the E cases are hitting Target and TRU.

I have also been asked a lot lately about why I am showing an E Case when both the F and G cases have been previewed elsewhere.  Well, frankly, because I go off of Mattel’s schedule.  I do the unboxing when the hobby dealers get them, and that is typically Mattel’s intended release date.  Too early is too early, and I like these to be relevant.  Plus, I hope I can provide info that you can’t get elsewhere.  Mattel as been very nice to use Lamley as a place for previews and other features, and I want to stay within those parameters.  Doing an unboxing at the time of release means I can also preview Car Culture, special lines, and RLC cars for Lamley Readers and Viewers.  I am very appreciative of that.

And hopefully that means you continue to enjoy the blog and channel.

Now on with the unboxing:

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