The HW Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R Super TH highlights a tremendous start to 2018.

Five Supers in.  Not a miss.


620 to Nova to Porsche to Mustang to Kenmeri.

Supers don’t have to be great castings, nor do they have to look good.  The most important distinction a Super needs is that it is a Super.  So while I enjoy doing the Best and Worst polls at the end of the year, it really doesn’t matter.  The best thing about a Super is finding one.

All that said, 2018 is separating itself from other years with a set of Supers that just bring it looks-wise.  The first five would be must-haves even if they weren’t Supers.  Duds will surely come, but it hasn’t happened yet this year.


No wheel repeats, each model taking on a look that fits the casting, and gorgeous colors.  And considering previous years, no dominance by spectraflame red.  In fact, no red.  And of these five, no model epitomizes how good the year has been better than the Kenmeri Skyline.

Here is what makes this model so great: Strip the Super label from the Kenmeri and it would still be one of the most sought-after releases of the year.  In the video I call it #6 of 5 in Japan Historics 2.  It would have fit in JH2 perfectly, with its VERY Japanese look.  It is that good.


It might even go further with its gorgeous spectraflame blue.  The paint is what you notice first in hand.  It is after that you notice the almost glowing trim, done as an homage to the 1972 Tokyo Motor Show GT-R.  And it all sits on 4-spoke Real Riders.

Supers might always be the most sought-after release of a particular casting, but they aren’t always the best looking.  The 510 Wagon Super, for example, might be number one on someone’s want list, but there are better looking releases.

Not the Kenmeri.  I have debated whether the First Edition is the best, but ultimately, for what the Super is, and what it unofficially replicates, this is the best release.  And that makes this an epic Super.  Easily the best of the year, with no competition in sight.



6 Replies to “The HW Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R Super TH highlights a tremendous start to 2018.”

  1. WOW! That is no faint praise coming from you. You have said, in the past, that the white Kenmari was one of, if not THE, favorite Hot Wheels ever in your collection. Judging by your pictures, I think this one’s prices will end up stratospheric in the near future.

    I would be ecstatic to find this one and, honestly, just finding the mainline car would make me really happy.

  2. With such a gigantic focus on JDM, I’m ready to get back to some European and domestics, even though my #1 hunt right now is the C&D Subaru. I’ve already got the teal/jade 2000, and it is keeping me happy:)

  3. Just a beautiful Super. I snagged the Datsun 620 Super, but no luck since then. I don’t expect that to change with this Nissan, but hopefully I’ll find the mainline version soon.

  4. I haven’t had luck in a couple years, but then now in the past few months, I’ve found the Datsun and the Mustang. I agree they don’t have to be great castings to make a great Super, but 2018 looks golden in my book. I just hope I find either the Skyline or the King Kuda. 😀

  5. Best painted Super of the year. That blue paint is absolutely beautiful! Probably the only reason this is my favourite Super of the year. The livery is a nice bonus. Not a fan of those wheels though (I’d rather see those watanabe style ones) but I’m not complaining. I also wish it had extra tampos (an extra stripe or decals or headlights) but even without that, its a beautiful one.

  6. I like that they kept that hidden tradition for most of the mainline models by detailing the rear. Looks just as good as the Super! Hopefully like everyone else, I can at least find the regular. Finding the Super is probably going to have the same odds as finding the ’14 Datsun Bluebird Wagon Super, very hard or impossible to find.

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