Case Report: 2018 Matchbox B Case

Finally!!  Finally??

I bit of a slow start for Matchbox basic.  The 2018 A Case came out late last year, but due to some sort of timing issues, it ended up being a “Best of 2017”-ish case.  So the 2018 B Case is the first true 2018 Case, with all new models.

I have no idea why it took so long, but at least Matchbox released the Global Travelers and Chevy Trucks (sans the ’47 Chevy – out soon) mixes in the interim.  But let’s get back to the basics.

Wheel Collectors got their shipment late in the week and sent these Case Report photos, as always pulled 3-by-3.  You can find all the models available at the WC store here:

2018 Matchbox at Wheel Collectors

Click on the photos for a larger view:

The question with these 24-count cases is which models come in multiples.  Happily the two new licensed castings, the Ford Skyjacker Truck and Chevy Colorado, do.  Lots of off-road and utility in the case theme-wise, with quite a few collectors will like.

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  1. Wow, talk about timing. I just stumbled upon this wave last night. No Vettes or Colorados, but I did snag the single Morris Mini Van. Surprisingly the Cuda was still there and hanging at the front of the peg no less. Looked real nice, just not a model I collect.

  2. I know I’ve asked this many times, but haven’t seen an answer. Is there any way to know what Matchbox wave you’re looking at in the store other than just memorizing the models? You know, like how Hot Wheels has the case letter as part of the model # on the back of the card.

    1. The case codes are never shown on the cards. The next best is to check the manufacture code which is stamped on the back of the card and the bottom of the car. B case should be K45 or thereabouts. The card art is redesigned for this batch too, which will easily differentiate them from older cases.

      1. Thanks Bryan! Yes, I did notice the updated cards on the pegs. Especially the 65th Anniversary logo in the upper right corner. As we get deeper into the year, I imagine what’s on the pegs will all be like that, but it helps for now. So the Austin Mini Van I picked up has ‘K50’ stamped into the back of the card. Does this mean case C will be K51?

      2. Speedeone. If the case code on B case is K50 then I’m predicting the C case should be about 4 weeks later and the first of 2018 codes. Say L02 maybe. Definitely an L code anyway.

  3. 19 new releases to collect in this batch with duplicates of the 4 new castings: Colorado, F350 Skyjacker, RSQ-18 Tank, Arctic Thunder … plus a duplicate of the Corvette. I suspect the Mini will be toughest to find. The 2018 hunt begins. I want them all!

  4. anyone notice the model number is only on the BACK of the card?. The front is differently numbered by segments. Found 16 of 19 in Wal-Mart today- missing was Barracuda, Seagrave & Ford F550 SuperDuty. Two cases on hand.

    1. Yes that change was notified by the design team some time ago via social media. I’m disappointed that we can’t see the 125 collection number in addition to the subseries number on the card front. Makes it tough to keep track if you’re collecting all 125. It’s great to see that the Road Trip series will feature 35 cars! That’s much larger than all the other subseries and is the most likely to include licensed models.

  5. Nothing really of interest to me, but a cool case. Distribution for Mattel continues to be a problem for both brands in 2018.

  6. Nice new stuff, too bad regular folk like myself will NEVER see them.

    Or rather, we’ll see them in May, but only the f***ing boats and tanks will be left clogging the pegs.

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