A brand new 5-pack from Matchbox.

I am sure you have already looked at the photos, but pretend you didn’t.  My guess is the sentence “The new Matchbox Ice Voyagers 5-pack is out” is not going to tickle your fancy. But because you have had a look, you might be thinking what I am thinking.  It looks pretty good!

The Lamley RCR (Resident California Reporter), @hw_jay, found the new 5-pack at Walmart.

You can form your own opinion, but here is mine.  I’ll buy a 5-pack for one nice model, and this one most surely has one nice model.  The Land Rover Evoque is fantastic.  And the GHE-O Rescue ain’t bad.  There are three other models that might hit the donation bin, but I will get this one for the Evoque.

And even in a themed 5-pack, the Evoque goes full realism.  No white tires, no arctic them, just a cool blue with front and rear details.

So I’m in.  You?55

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  1. Range Rover looks cool, GHE-O is okay, rest is pretty trash. Sorry but can’t justify buying a 5 pack for only one good model. if there was at least one or two more good cars, it would be fine but with these, nah..

  2. *Normally* I wouldn’t buy a 5-pack for just one model, but that Range Rover looks SO good. I know there haven’t been a huge number of releases of that one yet, but I daresay this is the best-looking. It’s a shame about the rest of the models chosen. I might be tempted to get this.

  3. Nice color for the RR, but have to see in person. I can see an instant wheel swap to complement the blue hue.. perhaps a toned down gold wheel, but the white wheels makes it look like a late model Mini Cooper.
    To each their own I guess!

    This clearly looks to be targeted more for the kiddies. GHE-O is very plasticky, unlike the first edition red version which looks more realistic.

  4. I like 3/5…Evoque, Ghe-O, and Vantom. I actually like the Sea Hunter as a casting, just not the grey windows in this iteration. But I’ve got a 4-year-old who would definitely be excited by 4/5: probably all but the Evoque. We may work out a trade…

  5. Not against them but I’m not particularly enthusiastic about them. Was hoping for more impressive 2018 Matchbox vehicles to be available in retailers or on eBay.

  6. Well I thought Matchbox only released one 5-pack for the year – the one and only Jungle Crew 5-pack. There isn’t any space left in the stores where MB is sold – they are just everywhere.
    As for the above one.. $ 5 for one Range Rover? I would rather wait for a better one.

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