Case Report: 2018 Hot Wheels E Case

Loaded case alert.

Wheel Collectors just received their pallet of Hot Wheels 2018 E Cases, and there is a lot be excited about.  Some of you have already found the batch at TRU and elsewhere, and other stores should get it soon.  Or you can just get what you want at Wheel Collectors, and there is a lot (including a few Supers):

Hot Wheels 2018 Mix E at Wheel Collectors

As always, the gang at WC pulled a case at random and documented its contents, 3-by-3,  for Lamley Readers.  And they definitely picked the right case, as you will see ($oup alert).

Click on each pic for a larger view:

A couple of significant new models, a new wheel, and the best Super TH of the year, so far.

Among the new models to look for are the ’71 Porsche 911 and Custom Maverick.  The new wheels are the large “wheel cover disks” on the 180SX (we saw the small wheels on the Honda City), and there is even a new Mooneyes release, which always gets my daughter excited (in case she is reading, which she isn’t, but she’ll learn soon enough).

The Regular TH is the Zombot (yay), but it is the Super that is the newsmaker in this batch.  The Kenmeri is a collector fave – and a top 3 for me – and an absolutely GORGEOUS Super.  Between the very-Japanese deco, deep spectraflame blue, and 4-spoke Real Riders, this one is top.  Let’s call it 6/5 of JH2.  Loose pics coming.

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  1. This is a pretty decent case. Plenty that I’ll be happy to pick up when these show up in stores sometime in June. It’s been so long since I scored any fresh HW that I can’t even remember.

    The $uper is obviously stunning, and the Urban Outlaw Porsche and 180SX are also exciting, but I think the Champion spark plugs Mercury Cougar is a sleeper…that’s one of my favorite castings and I love adding new ones to my collection.

  2. Why is that Ford GT GTE orange?

    Still, decent case. So many things that I won’t be able to find unless I assassinate some bumfks. Also I want the disc wheels on the Mooneyes drag Camaro.

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