Say hello to Mini GT from TSM Model, the latest Premium brand in this 1/64 Golden Age

There can’t be too much.  Sometimes it feels like there is too much, but honestly it can’t happen.  There is massive diversity when it comes to collectors and what they collect, so things are better when there is diversity in diecast makers.  What matters to all collectors, at least in the circles I run in, is that whatever direction a brand takes, they need to do it well.  Whatever the brand makes, make it desirable.

And with that, have a look at Mini GT.

The folks at Mini GT/TSM Models and M&J Toys, who will distribute Mini GT in the US and elsewhere, sent over this preproduction sample to give our readers and viewers a first look.  The video above helps, as do the photos below, but what will really do the convincing for collectors will be to have one in hand.

And wow.  These are really nice.

TSM Models has been doing high-end models for awhile, but Mini GT is their first foray into 1/64.  And while they are smaller, the same attention will go into these.  Full diecast, detailed top to bottom, with rubber tires and fully detailed rims.  Every model will have side-mirrors as well, done in rubber so they won’t break off.  (Having been a victim of broken side mirrors on some models, I love this.). And most models will come in both RHD and LHD versions.  In the US, for example, the models will be made available in LHD to replicate what collectors are used to here.


The result is a model that looks like the real thing, and has the quality and weight that collectors love.  And yes, they roll.

And the line starts with this:


This blue Civic Type R will hit next month.  Mini GT is exclusively distributed in North, Central, and South America by M&J Toys. the folks behind MiJo Exclusives.  Elsewhere they will be distributed through other channels.  In the US, look for them in hobby stores, online retailers, and auto dealerships.  I will try to keep folks up-to-date on where to get them.  Through M&J these will be in blister style with a sealed clamshell, and will come in boxes in Asia and Europe.  Price will be between $10-$15.

The blue Civic comes first, with white, red and black coming soon.  And it won’t be all Civics.  After that, look for a Liberty-Walk Nissan GT-R, a Liberty-Walk Porsche 911, a McLaren P1, the new Ford GT, and Land Rover Defender.  With more after that.


This will be a fun brand to watch.  It seems that the brands that catch my attention, and find a place in my collection, find a strong niche and grow within it.  As they do that, I become more and more excited with that is coming, and how it fits with the rest of my collection.  Among the premium brands, I have seen that most with Tomica Limited Vintage, Auto World, M2, and now Tarmac Works.  I see Mini GT finding its place too.  Time will tell, but for now, I am excited to see what is coming.






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  1. I’ve seen the 829Japan article about this brand, and I have to say, I am very much impressed, and watching this space for more releases.

    That said, I do think we need a midrange brand, and a low-tier brand, too. A midrange brand can bridge the price gap between this and HW, and a sub 80-cents brand can provide a bunch of licensed cars for cheap, and is safe for heavy play.

  2. I ordered a set of these Civics (1 white, 1 blue) from for $25.00 (including shipping) on January 5. Have not received them yet, but anxiously awaiting their arrival. From the pictures they look to be a rival of Tarmac Works- I’m hoping that’s true.

    1. JBH6666 Thank You! The white version is about 2 weeks behind the blue due to production issues. Once both are here we will process all orders and ship. We will have EVERY U.S. release of this line!

  3. This looks like a superbly done model…if the quality is as good in person as it looks in the pics, I can definitely say I’ll be looking to acquire the upcoming Defender that was mentioned. And in case anyone was wondering, the source JBH6666 above shared for where he got his does free shipping, so the quoted $25 is an “all-in” figure.

  4. Looks like a good looking model. Only thing is I wonder if that is the same CIVIC model as the one release by Tarmac works last year?

  5. Beautiful model! I really wish I could buy this but it’ll be next to impossible to get in my country and even if there is a chance, it will be expensive af. So sadly these photos are the closest I’ll get to this seeing model.

    1. Blackwind, Maybe you make out a deal or trade with someone. I get many diecast from individual people from far away places

      1. Yeah that is a way, but like I said, the shipping is too expensive. I end up paying twice or thrice the original amount for the model. Not worth it IMO.

  6. I got hold of one, and it’s fantastic! Kyosho quality and details for a fraction of the price! It’s in the price range of the “lower end” Tarmac Works models but at the quality level of the “higher end” ones. I’m not a huge fan of these rubber side mirrors, but I understand the logic, and it doesn’t make it any worse to look at, for sure.

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