Hot Wheels unveils Car Culture Cargo Carriers, including the C10 Skyline Wagon

It’s always about what is next, right?

Hot Wheels just rolled out a first look of the next mix of Car Culture, Cargo Carriers.  And yeah, it is great.

I love the mix.  It still doesn’t scratch that “all wagon mix” itch, but it is great nonetheless.  Of course the most-talked-about model will be the new Hakosuka Wagon, and it should be.  I don’t think it will be any surprise that this model is my most anticipated of 2018, considering my love for JDM and history with wagons.  Perfect combo, and this model will be tough to beat.  I might be the best Japan Historics model of 2018, without even being part of the mix.

But other faves are in here as well, including the the Transit Supervan and VW T1, both with killer decos.  Add to that the classic Sunagon and a Bisimoto take on the Odyssey, and you have a loaded assortment.

Look for it late February, and look for a full preview here soon.  Read all about it on

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  1. I agree with the two Johns above, the Odyssey is a mummymobile for driving the kids to school, and Mattel will cancel orders just like they did mine for the Japan Historics 2. Why run a business and cancel orders, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever ! Will stick to toy fairs and Greenlights and Autoworld from now on.

  2. Everything’s looking good here. I’m kinda partial to the Odysesymyself, so I’ll definitely be looking out for this set. I’m just afraid the scalpers will beat me to them.

  3. This set looks good. Most likely to be taken first would probably be the Hakosuka wagon, VW van, Vanagon, and a tie between the Honda and Ford transit due to the Transit having the gulf livery collectors and Honda being targeted by JDM collectors(sort of).

    1. Same here. Love the Honda Odyssey and may get the Ford Transit Van due to the Gulf livery. Funny, I thought the Ford was a Morris Mini Van at first. The rest… easy pass.

  4. I can just see it. After the debacle of only supplying 5% of preordered JH2 to retailers, Mattel will go into overdrive on this batch and they’ll be pegwarmers everywhere for the next year. Just like the air cooled set.

  5. Hey.. maybe I can camp out at a Walmart or a Target to get the latest premium offerings from Mattel? I sure as hell can’t get them from an internet distributor!
    Why Mattel? Why do you play these games?… Why do you have to flex your muscles and beat up your customers so the big box idiots can get first dibs?
    I agree with those on hear who had previously placed orders only to have Mattel bend over the distributors so people like myself can’t get what I ordered.
    Not only can’t you operate a simple website like HWC’s, but you have to bully people to get your way!

  6. Well judging by the commenters above, I’m thinking it was a good call not ordering JH2. Of course, I”ll never see them anyway because of the scalpers, but whatever. My patience with Car Culture is slowly but steadily wearing thin. These are great models, but ONCE AGAIN, pictures may be as close as I get. Good riddance.

  7. For me, just the Datsun wagon and maybe a Transit from this batch.

    Six bucks a pop means they have to be perfect, or I’ll pass. Silly looking decos on a few of these, unfortunately.

    That’s assuming I can even find them in stores, if Mattel screws the online dealers again.

    And then find ones with properly aligned tampos, too…

    Looked at 5 different Datsun Bluebirds from JH2. Only two of them had the black paint on the B pillars done right.

    Nose badges on the Z car were all over the place. Plus awful “orange peel” in the yellow paintjobs.

    Quality is lacking a bit for the price.

    The designers are mostly doing Car Culture right.

    Too bad the factory and the sales/distribution team over at Mattel are letting them down.



  8. Only 1 is the real wagon, real classic period color, and slammed sweetly, and the rest is already overkill. Hakosuka takes the cake.

  9. If the price for entry truly is $6, I think Mattel is testing the waters to see what collectors will put up with. I think $3.49 was the sweet spot. $6? I’ll go back to having fun with mainlines and let people fight and bid over car culture.

    1. Frankly, I’m way more impressed with the artwork than the cars. At that price, an easy pass from me. Carry on!

  10. It would be amazing if they did a Car Culture wave of hot wagons! I could just see it; Audi RS6 Avant, Volvo V60 Polestar, Mercedes-AMG E63 S Wagon, Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo and Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake. And that’s just for starters. There are enough to do several waves worth.

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