The new Hot Wheels 2018 Nightburnerz 5-pack looks to be a nice one.

This was posted by collector @south_aussie_hwc15 yesterday on Instagram:

Shall we analyze?  We start with the Honda CRX, looking gorgeous in blue, followed by the Honda CRX with some killer white MC5 rims.  That is followed by the Honda CRX with retro-like deco, and the pack is rounded out by both a Honda CRX with a cool VUM chassis and a Honda CRX with an 80’s era white interior.

Wow, after analyzing this pack, it is loaded.  I’ll definitely be picking this one up when it hits the US.

13 Replies to “The new Hot Wheels 2018 Nightburnerz 5-pack looks to be a nice one.”

  1. Eh, not too crazy about it. The only ones I like are the Lancer and CR-X. The 350Z looks too tacky in that bright green as well as the Dodge Challenger Drift Car looking to suit a plastic body and metal base, but I could be wrong. Maybe it’s the lighting. But I’ll still get one when I see it.

  2. It’s frustrating when there’s a model that looks as good as that CR-X in a 5-pack with a bunch of duds. It’s hard to feel good about paying $5 for one mainline car, but I think I might have to…it just looks so good. Maybe I’ll hold onto the Lancer to make myself feel better about the purchase. That 350Z casting has just been so many kinds of wrong, since the day it debuted, and the Charger has a ho-hum deco here. The Viper’s deco looks nice, it’s just a shame about the flawed casting.

    Nay-saying aside, I think my heart is already set on picking this up.

  3. I don’t get why the CR-X is getting so much hype. It’s not that extraordinary. In fact, apart from the Lancer, the whole pack is pretty meh. Uninteresting casting choices and hideous decos (on 3 of the 5 cars).

  4. Apart from the CRX, the rest are just crap. Who keeps making the decision to put a larger back wheel on these models ? Pet peeve of mine I’m sorry but I’d buy more HW than I do if they were more realistic looking.

  5. For as much of a CR-X fan as I am, I don’t love this one. It’s um… unique. Not completely atrocious, I mean it does have a bit of an OP (Ocean Pacific) vibe going for it, it’s just that I prefer my cars a bit more stock. The Lancer is kind of in the same category, unique, but not my thing. As for the rest of this pack, not even close to something I’d want.

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