Lamley Unboxing: 2018 Hot Wheels US D Case

D Case is here.  This US D Case arrived earlier this will from A&J Toys, and I have seen reports of the D Case at TRU and Target.  Maybe Walmart too.

So, as always, here is what to look for:

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Super Showcase coming.  Enjoy.

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  1. I can’t say I’ve bought many Hot Wheels from Target at all this year. They either don’t do a good job of restocking or it is the prime hot spot for collectors, because I rarely see any licensed models there.

    For you seasoned collectors, is there a pattern of the first few cases of the year (A-C) being rather difficult to find? I’m guessing this is due to the up-swell in gift-givers buying for the children in their lives at this time of year. Should I be concerned or do these early waves generally reship in the new year? I was lucky enough to find case B on a trip out of state, but that’s been it.

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