Now that you’ve ordered your Hot Wheels Japan Historics 2, you need the new large Sterling Protectors to display them.

Let me betray my DLM (open everything) roots for just one second, and pass on a must-have if you are a Car Culture collector.

Car Culture is the first Hot Wheels line that has compelled me to keep a set carded.  Julian Koiles artwork from the first assortment on has been as collectable as the models themselves.  So for two years now I have bought an extra set to keep carded.  And protected.

That changes a bit with the release of Japan Historics 2, and I need the new large Sterling Protectors to protect them.  It is the first release of new enhanced Car Culture for 2018.  Everything has been upgraded.  Deco, paint, castings, tool variety, and card size.  As I opened the preview set for display, all the across-the-board upgrades were obvious.  This set has become art.

Julian loves the new card size, because it gives him a larger canvas to work with, and it shows.  The JH2 art is incredible.  And yeah, it hurt just a bit to open these.  Thankfully I have another set on order from A&J Toys.


So if you keep a set carded, may I suggest the new large protectors from Sterling:

Sterling is a Lamley Partner, and I have touted their protectors for awhile now.  And the new large protectors could not have come at a better time.  They fit JH2 perfectly.  The cases are sturdy and clear, they don’t damage corners, and the stand up straight.  Lamley Partner or not, these are the best protectors around.


Honestly, these are must-haves, and if you use “LAMLEY05” at checkout, you get a special discount.  Order today to have them ready for when your JH2 arrives at home or in the store.


5 Replies to “Now that you’ve ordered your Hot Wheels Japan Historics 2, you need the new large Sterling Protectors to display them.”

  1. Your video was very well done, and showcased these models well. Up close, I can really see what sets them apart, and may have to reconsider passing on these. The actual post read like a commercial, which is not what I was expecting from Lamley, and a different tone from the video. I do understand that they are a partner and appreciate your disclosure. Maybe it just seemed a little heavy-handed to me. I don’t think I’ll be picking up any protectors.

    1. A full JH2 photo showcase is coming, and the video is part of that. Yes, this post is specifically to let my readers know about the new protectors. I am very appreciative of my sponsors, and want to support them as well. Trust that I believe in the products I promote and partner with.

      1. No worries, I understand. I appreciate your response. In your position I’d probably be doing the same thing with regard to helping out sponsors/products I believe in, maybe with just a touch less advertisement feel ;). Carry on, and I’ll be looking forward to (maybe) seeing JH2 in stores as well as the C&D WRX.

  2. I like the protectors and appreciate them sponsoring you because that will keep us informed of all new models coming out. However, it is hard to pay $3 for the model and $2 plus for the protector… maybe one can agree to spend $0.50 per protector, after all its only plastic and should be cheap…

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