Lamley Preview: The fantastic Matchbox Chevrolet Trucks 100 Years Walmart Exclusive Assortment

Now it feels like we are finally getting underway with Team Orange in 2018.  After what was clearly a strong 2017 (Lamley Awards Poll coming), it seems that 2018 has been very slow to start.  We had a strange 2018 A Assortment, which was essentially a “Best of 2017” mix with no 2018 models.  And B hasn’t shown anywhere.

That is finally changing.  B should hit very soon, and so should the latest Walmart exclusive set, Chevrolet Trucks 100 Years.  The 6-car…er, 6-truck set…should hit the pegs anytime.  And it’s great, from art to model execution to the surprising inclusion of a brand new tool.  The pics are done, and will post soon.  To start, here is a full preview of the both the set AND the 5-pack:

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  1. This is an exciting set. I really hope these are easier to find than the Land Rover set was…I know the LR set had more hype because of what was in it, but still. Hopefully the fact that there’s also a 5-pack will make it easier to score.

    As for the models, the 4 cool ones definitely make up for the 2 horrendous ones. I’m referring to the K1500 and the El Camino. Why the K1500 is still in the lineup is beyond me…the ridiculous jacked-up look forces the body to be made way too small. I always groan when it shows up in the lineup. I know the El Camino is popular with some, but that casting has never looked right to me…it’s too squared off and seems too wide for how long it is.

    BUT: the remaining models are just fabulous. The Silverado looks great, the Stepside is a knock-out with that deco, and even the Avalanche (which I’ve never been overly fond of) pops in that color with front & rear detail. The ’47 pickup really steals the show though. Hot Wheels’ version of this vehicle never looked quite right to me, but this one’s proportions look spot-on, and it has a great period-appropriate deco to boot. I can’t wait to get that one in hand. Overall, this is pretty exciting.

    1. I feel the same way about the K1500. It’s too bro-truckish for my tastes.

      If you prefer a much better versin of that truck, I suggest looking for the Taco Bell premium versin released in 1998. It doesn’t have the high suspension; it’s more like a standard version pickup. I know most people don’t like restaurant/fast food premium models since they’re more cheaply made than the regular versions, but at least give it a try.

      1. That’s interesting, I wasn’t aware of that one. I know they probably just wanted a more off-roady truck in this set for variety’s sake, but I would have appreciated the late 1990s Silverado flare-side Matchbox did a while back that we haven’t seen in a couple years instead.

  2. According to an article by Jeff Koch, the stepside’s introduction is credited as the model that saved Matchbox. After years of waning sales, the attention to detail of the fully licensed Chevy brought 40 year old men back to the orangecard side of the diecast isle to do battle with 10 year old kids. The few years prior had seen a dismal parade of fantasy playsets and boring designs. Mattel was seriously wieghing options for the ailing toy car maker. Bringing about the return of lifelike designs that children could see in the parkinglot was a boon to the company, and collectors saw value and nostalgia in the designs. That year also saw a couple other licensed castings from Matchbox that electrified the hobby. Since then, MBX has been very generous to create a solid line of real designs that keep the units moving as we have seen here on your blog. Jeff was really astounded by the level of detail on the Stepside. Sure enough, the year of its introduction, it was a hard casting to grab. They were snapped off the pegs as fast as they could be stocked.

    1. There was a special edition 2-tone blue & white one with a metal chassis a few years ago. I’d say Mr. Koch is right: I didn’t notice anything by MB until this truck was released. As for the ’47, the bed box sits a tad too high, but otherwise looks like a very nice model.

  3. Brilliant set! And way better than HW’s upcoming Chevy trucks set. These special 6/8 car sets that Matchbox has been doing are what was needed to grab some much needed attention imo.

    The cardart is pretty epic (better than HW if you ask me) and with the exception of the K1500, every model here is a winner imo, my favourite being the ’14 Silverdo. Always love a no-nonsense, stock truck with full front and rear details.

    Will definitely try to get my hands on this set. Now, if only they’d improve the distribution so we could actually find and buy these.

  4. Some good looking models. That stepside has such a realistic deco!

    The ’47 is a bit of a disappointment though, as the bed looks way too high when looking at actual 1947 Chevy pickups. Gives it a chunky feel for the back.

    1. Agreed – the bed is clearly too high and therefore alters the overall character of the vehicle. Why would Matchbox produce the model in this incorrect form?

      1. I still think it looks decent and the paint is fantastic, but does look a bit inaccurate. The original pickups have a pretty cool stance that this one misses. Was it intentional? Not sure. I’ll probably pass on it due to this, but I’m still really glad the model is generating excitement – I think MB needs that and the buzz around these will hopefully inspire them to continue with their direction of realism.

  5. Very nice set apart from the K1500, a shame we don’t get these carded ones in the UK but hopefully we may get the 5 pack. I’d rather they put the El Camino in the 5 pack instead of the K1500 but still a nice set all the same and one I’ll be looking out for when they eventually hit our shores. Nice work Matchbox, Hot Wheels watch and learn !

  6. Oh great, walmart, well I guess all the employees will be getting any thing good if it is in this set …
    Mattel, quit selling to walmart, and find a different avenue, you are just suppling the employees and their
    immature low life resellers that dont want to buy wholesale to resell ..

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