Lamley Weekend Walk-Thru: All 15 Hot Wheels Red Edition Target Exclusives

With the first Red Editions of 2018 hitting, and because I labored through all 90 Zamacs yesterday, why not showcase all 15 of the Target models released so far?

If the 2017 Red Editions were graphed, it would be an upside-down bell curve.  Great start and great finish, with a lackluster middle.  It will be interesting to see how 2018 plays, because once again they are off to a great start.

2 Replies to “Lamley Weekend Walk-Thru: All 15 Hot Wheels Red Edition Target Exclusives”

  1. I like that Pontiac Firebird 400. Looks nice! The Gasser is always a great model and I’m sure fellow collectors will enjoy the new variation.

  2. I think the hits narrowly beat out the misses for the Red Editions. This series isn’t nearly as much fun as the Walmart ZAMACs, but there are some definite highlights. The Firebird 400, the Chevelle racer and the Kafer Racer are my favorites so far. I don’t collect all of these like I do with the ZAMACs, I only pick up what I want, so I was pleased to grab the Kafer Racer and the NSX earlier today in my local Target.

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