The December Release of Tomica Limited Vintage is now out at Japan Booster

On numerous occasions I have mentioned my monthly packages from Japan Booster are like little visits from Santa.

Well, occasionally those paths cross.  The December batch of Tomica Limited Vintage is out, just in time for Christmas.  That means you can get these models you want, add a few from the Japan Booster holiday sale, and give yourself one heckuva Santa visit.

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

Sale Items at Japan Booster

Cool deal right?  And with the free shipping on orders over $50 you can’t go wrong.

Alright, the December batch.  Here it is:

Two more ’79 Laurels, an additional pair of the tremendous Mazda Cosmo, and the coolest pair of the release, the Datsun 200SX Custom Convertible.

This is Japan-centric as any TLV release, but that hasn’t stopped many of you before.  If you already have a TLV Cosmo, or think the Laurel looks like too many other cars, then go for the Datsun.  You don’t see too many convertibles from TLV, and this pair is incredibly cool.

Nonetheless, there is lots to grab, whether from this release or not.  Go check them out.

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