Be sure not to miss the $.99 Auction event at SURPLUSgoodies.

I have great partners.  Some have been with me since the beginning, others have jumped aboard more recently.  One of those new partners who I have really enjoyed working with is SURPLUSgoodies.

They are a great supplier of brands like Auto World, Tarmac Works, and Greenlight, among many others, and before they were a partner I was a customer.  And a happy customer at that.  Many of you are happy customers as well.

So throughout the year I will give you heads up when something cool is happening at SURPLUSgoodies, and right now is one of them.  In time for the holidays, SURPLUSgoodies has put many popular items up for auction starting at $.99.  It is a good chance to grab the models you want:

$.99 Auction Event at SURPLUSgoodies

While you bid on those, be sure to take a look at the rest of the store, including the Tarmac Works models.  Lots of good stuff, so don’t miss out.

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  1. Some interesting pieces – but their shipping to England. Ouch. Puts it over customs charges threshold before the cost of the model!

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