One cool Por-SHUH Super Treasure Hunt this is, this Hot Wheels Porsche 934.5.

Por-SHUH.  Por-SHUH.  Por-SHUH.  Maybe I’ll remember it better if I link it to “Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!”  Some of you will get that.

I get grief for a lot of things, and my pronouncement of “Porsche” is near the top of the list.  I was defiant at first, as everyone I knew said “Porsche” as a one-syllable word growing up.  But “Por-SHUH” is correct, and one day I will change my habit.  Hard habit to break.  As you can see here:

That is one cool Por-SHUH.  The C Case might be a bit of a dud, but man it isn’t because of the Super Treasure Hunt.  This Porsche 934.5 Super is an instant classic.


I have tried to figure out the definition of a great Super Treasure Hunt, but ultimately it comes down to a lot of things.  Sometimes it is how “upgraded” the model is, other times it is the overall look of the model, no matter what it is.  I still contend that the best Super TH Hot Wheels has ever done is the Mooneyes Dodge Van, mainly because it checks off every box.  This Porsche is up there as well.


Deco-wise the only addition is the TH on the rear.  But the paint really changes the look, and those Aero Real Riders, in plain racing white, are just fantastic.  The deco is simple, on both the standard issue and the Soup.  And considering it is a vintage racing Porsche, it works.  Honestly, if this Super was sitting in a Car Culture blister – with maybe a little more detail – I would be thrilled with it.


Plain and simple, it is beautiful.  Will it be the best of the year?  Only time will tell, but it is notable in what has been a great start to the run of Supers here in 2018:


A Japanese pickup, a muscle car, and a Euro Racer.  And coming soon, a current Mustang, a JDM Skyline, and a race car.  Nice, right?

There were some stars in the Super TH lineup of 2017, but overall it wasn’t as strong as previous years.  That is certainly not the case this year.


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  1. My early morning trips to Wally-World paid off this time. I found this STH earlier this week, sitting in one of the pegs. There was only one C case received by this particular Walmart, and sure enough, it had a Super… now it’s mine, its all mine and only mine… ehm, I mean, I was blessed to find it…

  2. John, I’d like to welcome you to the world of car enthusiasts who pronounce Porsche correctly, we will always accept converts to the cause. The one-syllable pronunciation of the name is like nails on a chalkboard to us.

    This Super is just fantastic…I think it’s one of those models that is completely made by the wheel choice, and the aero wheel couldn’t possibly be better suited to this car. I kinda wish they had added a little more tampo like they usually do, but simplicity works too I suppose.

  3. Haven’t seen either of these on pegs yet. I will probably cough up the money for the $TH if I don’t see it soon.

    Thanks for your linguistic efforts. Victims of OCD (including myself) and Germans everywhere are grateful. 🙂

  4. I wonder how many people over time have grabbed a STH without realizing it, just throwing it in their HW bin or their kid’s tub. It’s interesting that John brings up the Moon Eyes STH. I found that van (my 1 out of 2 finds) in a small town grocery store. I was never really enamored with it, so its with my kid’s hot wheels bin. Might be silly of me, but that’s the way it goes! This Porsche is definitely cool, but I really like the Boss 302, the Toyota off road truck, and the more recent Advan 240z, at least for contemporary models, not of which I have (yet!).

  5. I find it rather difficult to get excited over a Super Treasure Hunt knowing I will never see one in person. Having said that, if this were a Car Culture release that was relatively easy to find, I still don’t know that I’d be all that excited for it. Don’t get me wrong, I love this Porsche 934.5 casting. I have the debut white, sophomore release black and recent royal blue and I enjoy them all. The white is easily my favorite for it’s accuracy and clean look. The blue “feels” like a period color for this car, so I like it done up this way as well. The black with blue wheels, may be a tad funky, but I still like its unique look. This Spectraflame teal however just doens’t look right to my eye. Rather than a rainbow of chromes in my collection, I’d much rather have more true to life colors. But maybe what I’m looking for is more the domain of Car Culture while Super T-Hunt is more for the weird and wacky. Put it this way, if the 4th Porsche 934.5 mainline release were in a similar metal flake teal with white plastic wheels, would it still be a favorite or would it fall behind the other 3 releases?

    1. For me, it’s just as much about the thrill of the find as it is about the specific look of the car. Some Super finds are more thrilling than others because of how cool the specific model is, but finding any Super is thrilling. I do agree that this specific Super’s deco is just ok rather than awesome, but this particular choice of real rider elevates it, in my opinion

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