And just like that, the Matchbox Globe Travelers are now available.

How is that for timing?  The same day that I preview the brand new Matchbox Globe Travelers, they arrive at Wheel Collectors.

2018 Matchbox Globe Travelers at Wheel Collectors

Hopefully you read – and watched – my preview from this morning, but to summarize, they are awesome.  And each is available individually if you want to just get the models you want.  I’d say it starts with that Ford GT40, in case you want my advice.

Right in time for the holidays.


5 Replies to “And just like that, the Matchbox Globe Travelers are now available.”

  1. They look great but anyone have an idea what retail store pricing will be? Interesting that the Defender is $8. I would have thought that the GT40 would have led in pricing, what with the interest it has developed.

    1. The GT40 is an iconic deco, but the interest in the Defender is because of the casting itself. Setting aside deco, the Defender is the more sought-after model.

  2. I’m also curious as to timing of retail sales. Given how crappy distribution is, these could show up in stores anytime between tomorrow and June 2021.

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