Case Report: 2018 Hot Wheels C Case

The 2018 C Case is here.

Wheel Collectors just pulled their shipment off the pallet, and as usual, grabbed a case at random and opened it for us, 3-by-3.  You can find all the models here:

2018 Hot Wheels C Case at Wheel Collectors

I will be interested to see what your opinion is on this case.  Let me know in the comments below.

Enjoy (click on the image for a larger view):

The most notable new model?  Undoubtedly the Honda City Turbo, Ryu Asada’s passion project.  The Reg TH is the Tankinator and the Super – while not pulled here – is the Porsche 934.5.

What do you think?

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  1. Few here I will grab if I see them but won’t be chasing them. I said it before(and I know their kids toys but) there is way too much junk here. I would no way put out for a case of HWs these days. I went from collecting all the FEs coming out in a year but these days I just grab what appeals to me. I used to look forward to the new year when it came to die cast. Mainly MBX and HWs. Now between distribution issues at MBX and the lack of licensed models at HWs I have no interest in going out there and chasing! Then you have all the plastic more and more it seems. I don’t understand Mattel’s direction, I mean between the recycled models and the lack of fresh casts I’m losing interest. MBX has some great stuff coming but good luck finding it. There is still junk clogging pegs the stuff that don’t sell it just sits. So if I were management would I order more if I have full pegs? Would you? I mean I still love the hobby but Mattel is making it hard to stay interested! I love JDM but where is the variety? The repeat castings and recolors are overkill. If your one who is into this good for you but as much as I like the Chevy wagon or the Fairlady how many do I need? I’m not saying they should go away but how about adding some new realism to go along side of them. Been saving a lot of money the past couple of years.

  2. Meh. 53 Vette and the Wagon to repaint maybe. Depends on Wheels. Might be better to look for a RR car from a series. Or not. Already have the bronze one. The rest do nothing for me. Can save my money for AW and other premiums.

  3. I watched the unboxing of one Case D in YouTube, and for those that buy the cases my recommendation is to buy case D instead of C. Case C seems to be a short case, approx.. 21 regular models, not counting the TH and STH. So case D (approx. 28 regular models has almost 2 of each of the case C models. Except for Power Rocket, Hollowback, Vampyra, and the Roller Toaster, that has only one of each, but who want those anyways. Obviously, case C’s TH and STH are not in case D, but you still save money having almost 2 cases in one… sadly most of case D models are singles and not doubles, which indicates that some models will be hard to find in stores. On a good note there are 2 of each of the new ’17 Jeep Wrangler, the ’16 Cadillac ATS-V R and the ’16 Mercedes AMG GT3. But only one of the new Ice Charger with the bullet holes, the recolored red Mazda REPU (which looks awesome by the way), the ’49 Ford F1, etc… mysteriously the only model that hasn’t come out neither in case C nor in D is the ’18 Camaro SS… wondering if they are going to make it a different chase along with other models thru the year…

  4. Interesting stuff. My eyes gravitated toward the Skyline and I will be trying to find that model, right now that is about it. I lost some interest in the mainline Range Rover after seeing it with the premium wheels, and I really liked the 934.5 that came out and I just found one in white and I really like that one the best, so I won’t be getting the other versions. I’m not really a completist nor a variations collector, and so much like John above, I simply collect what I like and what calls to me, which is why I passed on the complete Forza set. I think Hot Wheels has done a great job with new models, like the Skyline, the 356, the 934.5 and they can really ride that high energy – let’s see more! Let’s see a ’65 Porsche 912! They’ve got a great thing going with the BMW and Porsche race cars (especially the upcoming 917), lets continue that high energy with a ’67 2000CS, a 507 roadster, and there is so much canon in the analogs of Porsche racing – a mainline 550A, 718 W-RS, 904, etc. It would be a nice contrast to all the 911 GT3s out there.

    I would also like to see HW especially branch out more with realistic off-road models. There is nothing stopping them from having a more realistic all plastic mainline off-road wheel. Matchbox has been doing a great job with the Jeep series, and their Defenders, and a few Tacomas, but there is so much more out there to do. Give that ’87 Toyota truck some smaller, off road real riders. Majorette is the only 1/64th scale 2nd gen 4runner. Nobody has even touched a 3rd gen and they are such cool vehicles, especially built up. How about a series 60/70 Landcruiser? 1st gen G-wagon? Refresh the Unimog casting & re-release? So many opportunities.

    1. At least from photos, it looks like it’s not quite the same. The RSR from a couple years back is a touch darker (I think). Have to see it in hand to be sure though

  5. Honda City definitely the standout for me, it looks great… like the Fairlady 2000, 934.5 and Mini too…think that’s the best livery the Mini’s had in a while ( may be time to revise/replace the casting though)…

  6. Man is this a disappointing one. Very few desired castings with lots of B case carryovers and tons of stupid crappy fantasy cars! I was really hoping this case would be a little more refreshing, considering this will more than likely be the case code that will hit the holiday dump bins at Walmart. The only ones for me are the Honda City, Porsche 934.5 and Nissan Fairlady. Everything else, forget it!

  7. Does anyone have any idea why the Daredevils set keeps appearing?? All the D case unboxings I’ve seen have them too so that’s at least 4 difference cases with these same cars! In terms of C case, I’m only interested in the 934.5, Morris Mini and Honda City. The Fairlady is alright but I think the green one from last year is nicer.

  8. Weak case in my opinion. Lots of fantasy and carryovers. I’m VERY excited for the City Turbo, and the Fairlady & 934.5 look mouth-watering as well. It’s a big “meh” otherwise.

  9. Will only need two bucks when this case hits as I only want the Honda city and the Magnus Mini. I could care less if they are on the bottom of the bin too as they will be opened for wheel swap and add to the storage. It is a big shame the “new” mini casting doesn’t have the lift off body as the grille has suffered as well with the “new” sealed mini casting.

  10. A rather thin case. The Honda City Turbo II is the star here and I am chomping at the bit to add it to my collection. Beyond that one new casting, I’ll be picking up the recolors of the Porsche 934.5, Fairlady 2000, Morris Mini and possibly the ’89 Batmobile. It is nice to see Porsche’s 934 Turbo RSR and 911 GT3 RS again, as well as the Nissan R33 GT-R and Land Rover Defender, for those that still need them.

  11. Does anyone know when we can expect to see the “then” Volkswagen Golf Mk2 that pairs with the “now” Volkswagen Gold Mk7? For some reason I had it down that the Mk2 was in case B.

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