Gettin giddy with some of my favorite premium brand wagons.

As the Thanksgiving weekend came to a close, and as I was one of the kajillion road-tripping home, my mind turned to our old Grand Marquis Station Wagon.  Wood Paneling, light tan, and, yes, power windows.  My family of eight was living large.

If you grow up in a wagon, that love will never die.  You turn your back on minivans, you embrace sport wagons, and you cultivate a reverence for all things wagon.  And OF COURSE that translates to my diecast collection.  Matchbox and Hot Wheels have done their share, and right now the most popular Hot Wheels model is a wagon (the 510).

But the premium brands 1/64 brands have some some gems as well.  And I decided to focus on what Tomica Limited Vintage and Auto World have done.  The bulk of the attention in this video goes to my favorite AW model, the Kingswood Estate, especially the now infamous “drop model”, the Lead Sled Ultra Raw.

Get your wagon on and enjoy the video:

4 Replies to “Gettin giddy with some of my favorite premium brand wagons.”

  1. Those all look great, and the 510s especially are very tastefully done. Real pleasant to look at. Because I didn’t grow up with a wagon, I don’t have the same nostalgic draw, so I make it easy for everyone else looking for HW 510 wagons on the pegs. I think I have one or two, but they are actually in the kid’s HW box not mine. I suppose I’m too casual of a collector to really break out into the 510 game, although I may make an exception for the ’09 teal blue 510 couple, which is fantastic!

  2. I would have to say the AW Chevy Kingswood is my favorite. I love the Country Squire as well. Now let’s see a Olds Vista Cruiser.

    Growing up we had a ’72 Dodge Coronet wagon, very light blue with that funky blue vinyl interior, fuselage front bumper, backwards-facing rear seat, and 318 cid small block V8. Really miss that car.

    1. Johnny Lightning had a SUPERB Vista Cruiser in their lineup…I don’t know how many versions they did as I only have one. It’s a kind of pale yellow color (very period-appropriate) that I picked up several years ago and it’s just awesome. Not sure about the scale, but it looks pretty close to accurate and in terms of quality, heft, and detailing, it’s right up there with AutoWorld. You should check it out

  3. I have no nostalgic connection with wagons (always had minivans growing up) but I’m obsessed with wagons all the same. Having had a Volvo 850 wagon for a period of time in college, I wish there were a mainstream die-cast brand doing premium castings of modern-ish (1980s & 90s) Euro wagons. They’ll never do it, but just imagine a Car Culture batch with a Mercedes 300TE, a Volvo 850R, or an Audi RS2.

    Anyway, this is a nice bunch and I think the Kingswood is my favorite, followed by the Country Squire. The only thing that holds the Kingswood (and the Ford for that matter) back from 100% greatness is those damn tires. Too. Narrow.

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